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  1. Thank you cyber nepal......#weeklygiveway
  2. Chelsea Everton Manchester city Newcastle Leicester Southampton Arsenal Wolves Manchester united Liverpool
  3. Jitne ta haina..tei ni 150 CN$ paauthyo ki
  4. Why is this Foldable things in trend? Can't these companies make better flagships?
  5. I don't trust samsung's mid-range phone. I would go for redmi's phone instead.
  6. I wonder if some of the apps in my phone contains that malware. Cause sometimes, my balance get decreased without my knowing.
  7. Solo vs squad is still a dream for me. I can't even perform good in playing with my squad. Would love to see your gameplay.
  8. I have just shifted to 4 fingers from thumbs. It's been just around couple of weeks. It was quite difficult for couple of days but now I feel like my reflex has increased. Will try five fingers in future.
  9. Reading what you've said got me into thinking like he really faked the compression thing.
  10. I know that the title seems confusing and thoughtful. So lets talks about it. Jan Sloot was a Dutch electrical engineer who developed Sloot Digital Coding System which helped him to store a full length movie surprisingly in just 8KB size with the help of high compression. Later, Sloot presented this technology to the Philips Company. And guess what? On 11 July 1999, Sloot was found dead in his garden by heart attack, just a day before the conclusion of a contract to sell his invention of compression. After he died, the source core for compressing the file got deleted and it could no
  11. Yeah I know most of the people won't go for pixel cause they only know about apple and samsung. Pixel beats almost every phone in camera comparison. And pixel 5 might also get a huge performance boost.
  12. Only the custom cards are crashing, right?
  13. No way. It will cost you more than 1 lakh. Its "pixel 5", not "pixel 4a".

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