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  1. I'm really sorry but this is the funniest thread I've read so far lol.
  2. I just feel like it's a less conversed about topic. So here are my thoughts on it after extensive literature review and critical analysis. Every now and then many journal articles and websites look at the way in which gaming has affected the industry. As the gaming industry continues to extend its reach, there is one thing that has gone alongside; its tendency to attract moral panics. A video game is defined as “a game which we play thanks to an audiovisual apparatus and which can be based on a story” (Esposito, 2005). The amount of scientific research devoted towards video games p
  3. I know nothing about football but sth about adding games to the library is ecstatic.
  4. Can we know how?? For future reference. Hehehehehe lol
  5. If you have tweaked your DNS settings it must definitely be why you're having those issues.
  6. My friend too had similar issues while on Linux. Many distros have encountered the same problem with steam in Linux if you're a Linux user. In windows it's most probably due to internet connection issues. There's a famous solution for windows which you can find all over youtube. Try those.
  8. You got me at Harry Potter. Yes to anything that has the name Harry Potter in it. And btw Just Cause is one of my favorite games.
  9. We have yet to see if Huawei can outperform the industry leading A14 chip. Apple revolutionized the industry with its A13 bionic and I reckon A14 will be insurmountable.
  10. Oh okay. Thank you. Aile Linux ma ho. Windows kholeko bela try garchu.
  11. Phone ko screen bigrecha. Replace garna jana pachaina. Ani phone ma games khelna ni alchi lagcha. paila PUBG khelthe tyo ni khelna chhode lol.
  12. Search for "activate win 10 using cmd no product key" on YT. One of those videos can help you. Here try this video out.
  13. Blue stacks bata khelna khojethe kinne paisa nabhayera tei bhayera lag ramrari chalena jasto lagyo malai LOL.
  14. Among Us 2 has absolutely become a cultural phenomenon. I watch the gameplay videos on YT even tho I can't play the game because my laptop is tori. It's rumored to be within 5$ to 20$ range.
  15. CN has always been a trailblazer since its initiation. I can't wait to play some competitive games ( I played some games in the test server earlier and hopefully CN will organize some events where we can win some CN$ as well). *fingers crossed*

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