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  1. Brighton Southampton Everton Leeds Chelsea West Ham Spurs Wolves Man City Aston Villa
  2. Thanks #dailygiveawaywinner 61
  3. Wolves Manchester City Chelsea Liverpool Aston villa Everton Draw Tottenham Hotspur Fulham Leeds
  4. Followers 100 + dherai bhayena 😅 Instagram use gardina so follower ni kam xa.
  5. That air pods studio looks great, has minimalist looks. Won't be getting my hands on it but will admire it from afar.
  6. Call of Duty: Mobile may be the top contender as it surpassed 250 millions download in first 265 days where as PUBG mobile had 236 millions in first 265 days. (Warzone mobile is highly unlikely to come, there was rumor but I heard activision has denied it ). CODM might not dominate the South East Asia as it's battle royale mode is not well optimized on lower end devices. If it gets optimized it has high chances. Valorant mobile might not be able to be leading mobile game as there are similar games such as Critical Ops which has not seen much love. PUBG mobile may be able to take the
  7. Aston Villa Manchester City Fulham Manchester United Liverpool Everton Wolves Arsenal Brighton Tottenham Hotspurs
  8. Personally all the game server and environment they are creating for Gamers and Technophile. They have created servers for CS GO, also creating servers for Dota and GTA V. I don't play these games but, it's improvement in gamming sector for Nepal. (many more servers coming soon) Lastly, Giveaways a cherry on top.
  9. Thanks @CyberNepal #weeklygiveaway 6
  10. Note :- For limited time only. Python Comprehensive Bootcamp :- Link Adobe Illustrator :- Link Even if you don't have interest now, create a account and enroll. You can view the course any time you like in future date. You will get certification upon completion of the course.
  11. Sniper vs Thieves :- A multiplayer game where thieves tries to escape with the cash that they have stolen. Never seen a game like this, nice concept and developer have implemented it nicely. Battle bay :- A 5v5 ship battle multiplayer game with lots of ships and weapons to choose from with deafferent tactics. It's very fun to play.
  12. Call of Duty: Mobile :- It is great, a fast faced shooter game. I'm sure you have heard of it. (would recommend multiplayer over battle royale - personal choice) Bullet force :- It is an FPS shooter multiplayer game decent graphic for mobile, not the best. It has hacker issues, but a great game if you don't find any. Used to play 3 years ago with friends was a lot of fun. Standoff 2 :- A counter strike based FPS game, but a little bit fast that CS but great. Decent game for low end device also. Critical Ops :- A slow paced FPS game whose play style is close to Counter Strike. It
  13. Yeah it's the same as any other new gadgets and device. It's better if some relative or friend bring it from other countries and pay them.

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