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  1. This is only a rumour and not been officially announced Reports have been in circulation that Xiaomi are going to enter the monitor market. The reports seem to suggest Xiaomi will make an announcement sometime in November, more specifically the 11th. It will be a 1080p high refresh monitor, whether that be 240Hz or 360Hz. The rumoured pricing for this will be 145USD. The panel itself are expected to be around 24.5". Also the panel it will use could be an AUO IPS panel but others suggest TN will be mandatory for that size. This may be very attractive for budget gamers out there.
  2. Crysis, that game from 2007 with stupid high system requirements, is back. The remastered variant has high-quality textures along with ray tracing for the PC side. The game can support up to 8k resolution as well as all new effects. You can claim your PC version of Crysis Remastered via the PS4,Epic Games Store, and Xbox One.
  3. Watch Dogs 2 will remain a free download on the Epic Games Store until September 24, at which time it will revert back to normal pricing.

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