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  1. After many recommendation and suggestions. I came to conclusion with this parts!! will this value for money? hope I am not getting scammed with price and please give me valuable reason!! I had already 1tb HDD and after a few weeks I will add one more 8GB ram stick 1. CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 =26500 2. Motherboard - Msi B450 Pro Vdh Max =14500 3. RAM - Patriot Viper Steel 1x8GB 3000mhz=6500 4. Graphics card - msi 1650Super =27000 5. SSD - m.2 256gb =6500 6. PSU - Antec 550watt 80+ bronze =5000 7. Case - Fantech CG71=5000 total =91000
  2. Let's Suggest each other some of our favorite Movie which are available on English/Hindi/Nepali Sab le affno favorite Movie Suggest garam jun English/Hindi/Nepali vaye ne hunxa
  3. Aww bro tmi le sai vanneu product ghar mai deliver vako xa tyo fake nai ho
  4. Bro yo kura ma eeuta ma forum bannau nu na n we can get lots of information by cnrs
  5. Then that will be good for budget builders for getting good hardware with good price segment
  6. So now , can we trust akku.gg for pc build cuz i saw good builds with best price!!
  7. Brighton Southampton Everton Leeds Chelsea West Ham Spurs Wolves Man City Aston Villa
  8. Wolves Manchester City Chelsea Liverpool Draw Everton Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur Fulham Leeds
  9. Bro tmi le vaneko kunai pane kam garenw Malai champions league hernw theo live mobile ma
  10. Leeds Manchester city Fulham Chelsea Liverpool Everton Wolves Arsenal Brighton Tottenham Hotspur
  11. Liverpool Chelsea Manchester City Manchester United Fulham Brighton Tottenham Leicester City West Brom Wolves
  12. Chelsea Everton Manchester City New Castle Leicester Southampton Arsenal Wolves Tottenham Liverpool

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