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  1. Hoit overthinking nahana kta ho aayehalcha ni yek na yek din ta
  2. 125 points(bench boost) would have been better if Maddison had played too
  3. Arsenal Draw Astonvilla Leicester city New castle Liverpool Man utd Spurs Chelsea West ham Man city
  4. Hoping we would get to see weekly
  5. Can’t tell. Only can be sured after one of the admin tells us the plan. @ avinash @Amul @Sabin dai haru
  6. ROB ko post haru hari rakha na exam tae sure nai huncha timi haruko Jeth ko 1st tira hora Baka bro lai bhanne jastai.
  7. 19- points for bale 11- for son 9- for Kane feeling happy captaining with Son
  8. Man I was thinking of creating thread about it 2-3 days back 😂 but due to tight schedule was not able to Anyways a major step after this our nepali channels will get motivated to launch channels in 4K . A proud moment to be appreciated.

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