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  1. Chinese always try to go big. Let’s see how 6g effects the world hope it does not have bad consequences on Mother Nature though
  2. sabai list bhako movies haru aba friday ra saturday ma hernu paryo aba
  3. I am with you . The story makes difference . We will know when we watch the movie
  4. 😂😂😂 thank you advice ko lagi pasal ma banaune bhaye ta mahango huncha ma sanga arko phone cha tyo phone daraz mai rakhdinxu Thank you everybody for you advice
  5. Dead cha k itunes ma kasari connect garne garna mile ya gari halthe ni daju
  6. My iPhone 5s was too good the battery also lasted longer game play were nice but one day it acted weird and it’s charge began to finish quite faster so I just left it for three days now It’s dead. If anyone knows some tricks then do tell me, it would be fun to have my iPhone 5s back!
  7. Ok the reason that every marvel fan is going to get crazy in multiverse of madness is just look at the cast members in google . j. You get two spidermans , Loki and even deadpool. Ok guys now I am eager to know when the movie will release and watch it
  8. Dami cha hai pakistani style of tekken
  9. The trailer was released just 2 days before. Where it is shown that Tom and jerry are in the city and create problem for others and also shows the fight between Tom and Jerry. I am eager to see the movie cause I have been seeing Tom and jerry since my childhood and will you guys see the movie?
  10. Really the struggle he faced was too challenging. Yeah seeing someone putting our country in fame would be a proud moment for all of us

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