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  1. I love the way How the community is working hard to make the Nepali Gaming Community Better.
  2. Umm ! The developers are finally showing some activity. I hope they make some effort to remove hackers from the game.
  3. As Among Us continues gain more and more popularity, its developer, finally started to add roll new features to the game. PC players are currently able to choose Among Us Beta, which enables them to test new features before they are deployed on iOS and Android. Here are some of the new changes seen on the Among Us Beta Preview: A new option has been introduced to allow anonymous voting. If the rule is allowed, players can vote for others without knowing the voter. It has been designed to make meetings more suspicious as groups argue amongst them. Now, You can also interfere
  4. Yup 🤪🤪 they will join after the ASMR PC Giveaway.
  5. Haha !! I risked some of my CN$ and clearly lost everytime. So, I am now into collecting CN$ Normally.
  6. Everyone already suggested some of the best animes. But here is one from my side "My Hero Academia"
  7. Is that so ? Ok need to give it a try again!! Thanks
  8. I tried to stick to Micrsoft Edge but may be because of the addiction of the Chrome Environment Edge didn't work for me. By far the best change of the browser I had was Brave which seriously is one of the best.
  9. If you switch from a console or want to try PC for the first time, it's always exciting to have a new gaming PC. This article will be all about giving 5 Best Tips For New PC Gamers. With every passing period, the gaming industry is growing larger and larger, and there are so many great games out there for us to consider joining all these gaming communities. All this will look a little daunting for you as a new gamer, but you will be able to enjoy this a lot until you get the gaming community and your PC. Here are some of the Tips and tricks to get the best out of the new PC gamers: 1
  10. Samsung Budget Series are somehow a Risky Buy. Its better to go with Xiaomi Note Series.

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