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  1. TheSewak

    Latency/Ping in Nepal

    [These are on WiFi, never tried ethernet so idk about that] ClassicTech 50 Mbps Apex legends- 90ms(in game) Valorant - Mumbai : 35-40ms | Singapore 1 : 70-80ms [if you don't have a dedicated or soho plan then just restart the router and check your IP, the IP that starts with 43 has worst ping I get 300+ in mumbai but any IP that doesn't start with 43 is fine and works nicely just restart the router until you get good ping. This is what I experienced may not work for all but give it a try it may help. And if you have a dedicated/soho then just contact your isp and tell them to fi
  2. Nixan is completely wrong, because until cybernepal has money to continue the giveaways, it won't die. And yes except a handful of members incl admins and mods, many people were inactive before the exam period and also they would be active only to participate on giveaways. Just stop the giveaways and this site will be dead. A lot of people have joined just for the giveaways and it's the bitter truth. I was active for 1 month straight (it was not the exam season and also not post covid situation) and what I found was only a handful of truly dedicated members and admins/mods. If CN wants t
  3. Yes and for a longer time I just thought Why do they put a hole on the laptop? but i knew that 1 yr ago only. Never used it in my life.
  4. Just an opinion: Why to waste time to develop an app and pay for the stores if you can just make this site a PWA (Progressive Web App) which will allow this site to be installed on any device (ios, android, linux, mac). Just users have to go to the site once, click on install and it will work just like a normal application. I guess it would be faster instead of developing app. Some examples of PWA sites are askmattrab.com , spotify web player, etc
  5. asus tuf ko maile itti ma dekhe jati ta minimum 120 hz ko thyo listing ma paila, but aile ko listing ma 144hz xa ~109K ko range ma. Aba uni haru ko online listing ta offline stock ma katti ko farak tesma ni varr parxa.
  6. TUF has 144hz display too, but doesn't have (in the same price range and specs as you mentioned). So keep that also into consideration.
  7. if you are using external keyboard and mouse then it can be handy
  8. Nepal ma PUBGM ko server aaunna because PUBGM ko servers haru AWS ma hosted xa and AWS ko server Nepal ma xaina. baru indian server ma nepali lai khelaula but Nepali Server ta PUBGM ma aaunna at least AWS ko server na aaunjel ta aaunna. AWS is Amazon Web Services jasma dherai multiplayer games haru hosted xa including PUBG, Fall Guys and many more. Also many websites are also hosted there like Netflix, Amazon prime , etc. aba nepal ma aayera dedicated afno server establish garyo vane ho tara tyo garna lai teti paisa kina kharcha garos
  9. There are Indie developers but it's not yet grown as much as internationally. But internationally it's huge. Changes will be seen as people go on discovering more games. This industry is bigger than the whole Movie industry of the world so there are opportunities internationally. I'm also in learning phase right now.
  10. You don't need any high requirements to get started. I would suggest you to start from https://learn.unity.com/ site. This is the official learning platform by Unity. For starting Unity would be good. At first I learnt from this Karting microgame (for 3D). This made me familiar to unity basics. After completing this project I learnt this Beginner Scripting from Unity Learn, this made me familiar with coding with c#. The karting microgame is a 3D game and if you want to be familiar with basics first then I would recommend going for this Platformer Microgame. You will find lo
  11. I would like to know what do you guys think about the game Raji : An Ancient Epic, which got launched on all platforms yesterday (Oct 15)? I think it has amazing artwork and the music is also really nice the game as a whole gives a really nice vibe. I played the first chapter of this game (which is free to play on steam) and it's pretty good. This is the link to the steam page from where you can play 1st chapter Prologue. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1429740/Raji_Prologue/
  12. Hello fellow CNers! I was wondering if there are any Game Developers or Game Development students here. I am also one of the game development students. If anyone wants to start their journey, ask here I will help as much as I can. Let's create some games and have fun!

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