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  1. it is totally free. And it not clickbait, i provide blog link so if you want to read in full details.
  2. DLSlink offers you with amazing features. it provide a solid and reliable URL Shortner service which runs smoothly at a fast speed. Most interesting part about the payment system is you will be able to withdraw the money you have earned as low as $5. Which means the minimum required balance to be eligible to withdraw your balance is just $5. Register by clicking here ● Minimum payout is 5$ ● CPM 4$ for all country like nepal and up to 10$ for usa, uk, etc like country ● Payment system is weekly, every week on sunday! ● Max link visit /last 24h counts 2 times f
  3. you meant this copyright bar: This is in left bottom side for desktop user and in side navigation bar for mobile user
  4. thanks for suggestions. I had already noticed some of the error that you told but my website is made by using HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT (Not WordPress) which make hard to correct errors 1 by 1 so i am collecting all error and solve those errors in one edit.
  5. Draw Crystal Palace Man City Aston Villa Southampton Draw Leeds Everton West Ham Chelsea Burnley Man City
  6. i write blog about cybernepal in my Website in which i talk about befits of joining cybernepal community. you can read that article by clicking here. if there is any mistake reply below i will correct it and also give suggestions to improve my site. admin if possible make that above link dofollow so it can help me also to rank good on google😅 Thank You
  7. I think no one interested in this topic
  8. American Nickname: Jack, Alex, John, etc Nepali NickName: sundante, goli kanxa, mangala, etc
  9. Everton Wolves ManCity West Brom Man United Aston Villa Chelsea Leicester Liverpool Spurs
  10. What type of update/change you think should be come in Cyber Nepal after spending long time in Cn My suggestion : 1. After winning giveaway the winning ammount should be stored like CN $ which will be in pending and make a form where user should provide necessary screenshort or anything else. after checking entry is genuine or not then release that wining reward or decline that reward. If anyone want to withdraw reward there should be a withdraw form which will be filled by rewarded person to withdraw reward within 2 or 3 admins will send money 2. Referral system should also ad
  11. West Ham Newcastle Southampton Manchester City Aston VIlla Chelsea Brighton Leicester Man United Draw
  12. Thank you cybernepal #cybernepal #daily_giveaway

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