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  1. Chelsea Manchester City Manchester United Sheffield United Brighton Tottenham Leicester City west brom Wolves
  2. Can anyone explain what is the process of picking winners ?
  3. Anyone here to suggest me best future proof/ Good quality phone under 25,000 in Nepal Specially for Official Work and for Gaming also if possible.
  4. @Amuldai if possible ban his ip address from loging in cyber nepal
  5. if you can't follow rules why you participate.
  6. I have a youtube channel but my voice doesn't comes well in video because of my microphone of my earphone. Now i am thinking to buy best headphone with excellent mic quality under 3-5 thousands can anyone suggest me headphone which i can buy online if possible provide me links
  7. kaila jitne ho giveaway. Budo vayeena vayo jitne bela samma.
  8. it is be good for some and bad for many. according to the reply in this topic.

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