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  1. Liverpool Man City Everton Fulham Brighton Draw Man Utd Draw Draw West Ham
  2. Barcelona have very very low chances, rest of them can qualify.
  3. Real Madrid Athletico Madrid Sevilla Barcelona In that order for chance of qualifying to quarter for spanish team
  4. West Ham Wolves Newcastle Man city Chelsea Southampton Crystal Palace Liverpool Brighton Arsenal So many people just copy paste the answers of previous comments, atleast try to write that yourself.
  5. Aston Villa are not playing so I am not writing them. Draw Man City West Ham Chelsea West Brom Leicester City Tottenham Liverpool Brighton
  6. Next time shall do This one is free untill 2020, they wanted to promote their site and also because of covid19 Thanks Welcome!
  7. This post is about free certificates that class central is offering for 115 paid courses. One can get enrolled until end of this year. You will learn new things. It is good if you want to boost your cv or linkedin profile. It will motivate you to complete the course as well. I have completed MATLAB introduction course and it was good. Some of the topics are about: -Programming -Psychology -Design -Marketing -Machine Learning -Cloud Computing -AI & IOT -Android App and many more. Follow the steps in the following website, comm
  8. Thanks will try! That I play in mobile. Tekken seems nice, will try. It hurts haha
  9. Is there any one of your favourite pc games thier with low size. I have played human fall flat. any suggestions?
  10. how can I make the pc smooth and fast without installing any software ? Any suggestions.

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