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  1. Leicester Aston Villa Southampton Draw ManCity Everton Burnley West Ham Draw Tottenham
  2. Draw Aston Villa Newcastle United Manchester United Everton Southampton Tottenham Liverpool Leicester Arsenal
  3. N/A Everton Man City Manchester United Chelsea Draw Leicester City Draw Liverpool Southampton
  4. Thank you @CyberNepal❤️ #Dailygiveaway #cybernepal
  5. Kei bujena, I couldn't understand. Rules nai napadhi Tickets linxau vanya?😂 @Bishal paudel Lovi manuss 🤦‍♂️
  6. @Amulboro, just here to inform you that previous Daily giveaway winner @Bishal paudel has won Daily Giveaway dated November 17, it's not been 15days since then, Thank you !
  7. Aile tah I am not facing any problems with my internet, paxi slow or lag vayo vane garxu bro. Thank you.

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