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  1. Haven't Participated But Best of Luck Everyone
  2. Image via Google Twitter, an American microblogging and social networking service has announced its yet biggest upcoming feature in the following years. The new feature “Super Follow” enables account holders to charge followers for access to exclusive additional contents, and the ability to create and join groups based on users’ specific interests. While these news changes are new to the platform, these features are the most successful feature amongst other social platforms, websites and, apps. Of which the platform, Patreon, the most successful one of a similar kind of exampl
  3. 0:8 When CN announces Meme the Moment part 2 0:15 It PUBG edition, has been very very long you took a break it. But still want to participate 0:24 But You don't know how to make MEME Interstellar Crying Sene Cutted for CN MEME the Moment PUBG Edition by ME.mp4 0:33 You don't know what to do. You Edit this great piece of Art. Cut some part. And Upload It to take part in The Event. 0.38 You Request Admin and Moderator to accept it as a participation
  4. When you just deleted your account after the news but its already launched and you have to wait 14 days just so you can created a new account
  5. He has shown proof that at least it trustable to some point. Do him a favor share his website or just link with your friends and families. Keep clicking his short url for like a 10k times. Show him proof of that @You did it ( with a video of @You clicking his short url upto 1k or 10k times if @You want at a time). He might give you the $1-$2 he got from your work. @You not poor anymore he not poor anymore. Both Happy. I guess.😅
  6. Man City West Brom Leeds Wolves Crystal Palace Leicester Spurs Man Utd Liverpool Everton Man City Leicester Aston Villa Man Utd Spurs Everton Liverpool
  7. Reminded me of a very famous Nepali line, Also available on School books Yo ta "Kam Garne Kalu, Makai Khane Valu" vane jastai vayo. [Source somewhere from Nepali books and words from Nepali people] 🙃🤣
  8. The next Spider-Man movie is titled Spider-Man: No Way Home. The movie released date is set to be out only in theaters on 17th December 2021. The announcement of the movie was revealed on Twitter on the official account of SpiderManMovie on Wednesday. The movie of course is starring Tom Holland (as Peter Parker, Spider-Man). As stated in The Verge, A selective few fan-favorite characters from the past Spider-Man movies are coming back, lending further credence to the multiverse rumors. Doctor strange is also set to appear in the movie as well. The officia
  9. Remember the days when you had to use a VPN to create an account for Spotify. Remember the days when you had to log in after every 14 days with a VPN just to use Spotify (if you used mobile/smartphone). Remember.

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