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  1. Razer Viper Mini Free .it's a steal. If i was to choose I would have gone for a curved monitors cause I like MSI Optix. but it's your to choose. Not a single proper description on the internet. Kind of making me sceptical. Found out its a local brand only now Just like CG except its Sasto. Thought it was like a branch for handling warranty but still the products are manufactured in Hong Kong. Unpopular opinion: Buy it on Daraz and save Rs.1800. Also Warning many have cited to have poor delivery.
  2. I would say, I think it's enough. I guess.
  3. They say love is in the Air. But I say there is silence in the air of CN. "This Too Must End." So, "There, For Grace, I Go" I present you a (*background buildup noises) Seal Fart (*Drop) Seal farts after looking directly at me.mp4 [ Other lines You could use "Try to open up like him" OR "When they say you to open up" ] [I do not own this video. The credit goes to the respective owner.]
  4. yep psu rating/tier matters. yep there is a huge difference between bronze and gold. Not much actually but it mostly depends upon what kind of hardware you use. How much power they will consume. Let's assume you a intel i9 8-10gen and a rtx graphics (with respective to motherboard and cooling system) and a bronze tier psu. Your pc might explode. And again let's assume you have intel i5 and gtx graphic (with respective to motherboard and cooling system) and a gold tier psu. It's an overkill. Your hardware might be on actual fire. You can try out the pcpartpicker.com website to
  5. IDK but isn't Ubuntu already super fast? But are not you the same guys who did the whatever pasal thing? And where did the topic go, I actually enjoyed it. Also I apologize for back there.
  6. Cryptocurrency mining has been the hot topic ever since Bitcoin, the first known cryptocurrency first arrived mysteriously on the web out of nowhere. The phase of mining cryptocurrency has since reached new heights. From a Simple computer to a Professional computer and to a high-end computer with the addition of rising in popularity with GPU mining somewhere in the midst of the phase. Currently only possible by a very powerful ASIC mining rig and only fortunes being able to use and own one. But a recent viral video from China, of crypto-miners using laptops to mine cryptocurrency, caught
  7. Something new is on the horizon. You probably weren't expecting space ice-cream, were you? Just a little something to hold you over until March 8. The upcoming flagship smartphone by OnePlus is on the way but we are still unclear about the official launch of their flagship phone OnePlus 9. Though it's unclear, the company has been sending a mysterious box to YouTubers. And yeah it might be their upcoming phone or something collaborative or something is fishy. If it is their upcoming phone it might be a teaser or just a marketing strategy. DOUBT Well, looks like OnePlus sure want
  8. This PC is what Professionals go with.😂 Also, at least it will cost $4k even if it can't handle 4k.😝
  9. Bro how did you install the ms office package before then? Did someone installed it for you? Buy yourself a subscription package in the official MS website if you don't wanting any harm in your pc. You won't get MS office 10 on you pc straight way nowhere for free, especially here.
  10. Not what you would expect. Sorry. CPU - Your Choice. If Intel, i5 or higher but also should be 8th gen or higher If AMD, Ryzen 5 or higher also should be 3000 series or higher Motherboard - Your Choice Go ASUS for Perfect Performance Go MSI for High-End Go Gigabyte or Asrock, if budget Graphic Card - I would say go for Nvidia NVIDIA RTX series or RTX ti series for better fps and extra features
  11. Image: Apple At its 2019 Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced that iTunes will no longer exist. Apple is killing iTunes, the app that made Apple succeed through its early days. The most important product Apple ever made. The product acted as a Trojan horse into the Windows customer base. iTunes Image: iTunes Originally only for music. iTunes was built on another application called SoundJam that Apple purchased, they retooled it, turned it into iTunes, and then released it into the market. When Apple released iPod, they added the support to iTune
  12. Can't argue with that but Given that NASA spent up to a whooping $20000 for that chip 👀, at least I can say that i have a better processor than NASA's Perseverance rover 😅. And it cost me too much lower than NASA spending on that one chip.😂 🙂🙃 🤣 But got to say they have a proto-type drone like phone which has a better processor than my phone.😢 But again it still cost me very lower than what spent on that one too.😅 NASA better than me but NASA can't beat me in this fight. The Signature look of Superiority looks cool.😂

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