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  1. oh yes i forgot to mention, they are also giving free gaming mouse and keyboard with the build and i talk to them earlier they will do free delivery. I think that makes good trade, what do u think ? I have planned for 3900x and x570 motherboard as they recommended me, will it run good with 3080 and 16 GB 3600 MHz ram, 512 GB m.2 nvme ssd. how much FPS will it give me ? and can i run it on 2k 165Hz monitor ?
  2. Guys i found this offer on instagram from aliteq. They are giving free cyberpunk 2077 for nvidia 30 series card. How legit is this ? i was planning to build my own PC from there, can u guys help me out. very excited for this but little confused 😇 which 30 series graphics will be good for me https://www.aliteq.com/product-category/pc-components-price-in-nepal/graphics-cards-price-in-nepal/desktop-graphics-cards/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CI2MawdF8fv/

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