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  1. Chelsea Everton Manchester City Newcastle Leicester Southampton Arsenal Wolves Tottenham Liverpool
  2. Google Meet - formally known as Hangouts Meet is one of the popular in group meetings and conferences for personal as well as business purpose remotely. Google has brought lots of features like noise cancellation, high-quality video recording, streaming, different participant layouts on Google Meet. However, Google Meet has lots of features, Google has announced to limit the number of participants and calls duration from September 30, 2020. Google Meet: Participant Limit Google Meet is limiting the number of participants to join the meetings if you are using a free plan. Under
  3. Yeah sure. I will also look into these. Thanks for your recommendation. 😊
  4. @Snake_Eye, it depends the weight of the giveaway. Last time, there was two. And now its to only one. Though, initially, it was open to anyone, but now more restrictions are there and will be as time pass on. But, CN won't make any difficulty for active and deserving members. So, cheers and enjoy the show 🙂
  5. Yeah, it is true. I know these sort of things for very long time. All the information including your name and places are more dangerous. That's why i recommend you to use fake name/email/number generator for such kind of activities on online. @ Beecase its ok, for such kind of post in this forum. 🙂
  6. Manchester United Everton Chelsea Burnley Sheffield United Newcastle Manchester City Wolves Aston Villa Arsenal
  7. You can join Dota 2 club and you can find guide lines for Dota 2 also. https://cybernepal.com/clubs/dota-2-3/ For position guide, you can view the post
  8. My Video1 (1).mp4 Back to video editor after some years. 😅
  9. All the answer will based on the purpose. So, if you are using for personal and portable to listen the songs, receiving calls, then earphones will be better including earbuds. If you want to use for desktop or for playing games where audio is much more sensitive, then you should go for headphone. As per high price, both earphone and headphone comes with better quality but know your purpose.
  10. I checked the advance options of this ultimate options, it has changes some sort of values for better performance. It will make your device to work for maximum usage with plugged in or out. I think, this will work some how but in small ways.
  11. In other medias, i dont know but here in site, there is no any requirements of sharing. So, enjoy 🙂
  12. I also have laptop heating problem and i am not thinking about buying pre made cooler right now. I am thinking of making own custom cooler and making better air flow. But, if you are not interested on DIY , you better to go for these options.
  13. Nepal ma shipping charge le, cant think about the price its gonna be in our market. Hope, optimized price will be tagged.
  14. Its too high for me. I have 4 years old laptop and very limited spec i got.
  15. NRB is issuing this one for their benifical only as it welcomes foreign currency. It feels better to receive those payments directly in our banks but still we can't use our currency to buy stuffs out of the country directly. If NRB allowed two ways, then it will be fruitful to single person to business organization. Our country's economic is not so strong to bear the consequences of loosing our currency to other. That's bitter but truth.

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