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  1. Still hope to win heheh🤣🥴
  2. 3 tickets kine paxii ta sure jitxu vanerw 🤣🤦‍♂️
  3. Dami bro🔥 Happy Birthday may god bless you ❣️
  4. This weekly giveaway week 2 completed. You won week 2 weekly giveaway congratulations 🎉
  5. Facebook profile lock features are. Unavailable in Nepal but some Nepali people lock there profile But how? Can we lock Facebook profile from nepal?
  6. 😑600uc* for Royal pass Want to go conqueror 1time only playing from season 2 still haven't reach conqueror. Trying hard but low rank plus like +10/+15 in qgame after getting chicken with 3,4kill
  7. These sleeves are allowed in competitive torunament? Can we take sleeves when we go to play tournament when they invite on lan. Better to play without it 😂 We can buy these sleeves under 500Rs
  8. 😂now dish home started sharing internet.
  9. Without connecting vpn you can get 60-120ms at night/morning (11pm to 9am) Because of covid-19 many people use internet at days time which work very slowly I use vianet speed link 25mbps which work fine and good ping upto 50ms-120ms. At night and morning time 😁
  10. Chinese Tencent company already lose 14M after Pubg mobile banned in india. And Chinese Tencent company has ready send message that pubg mobile will unbanned in india soon. Tiktok permanent Banned 😂.
  11. Haha livik map is fun but low rank increase. Like +10+20 after getting 6,7 kill with chicken in crown But help to increase kd by playing solo vs Squad in livik map.

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