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  1. People showing off their TC stone vs me with my TC salah...............🤡🤧 10 players + a Triple captain to score 52 points and a dream to live. 💯 I am coming for youuuuuuuuu.
  2. I own a cancelo bro. Please............😭
  3. I would have also thought the same way as you did and had no intention of using it this GW but a youtuber I follow gave a well reasoned theory and I felt really good about using the chip. Good luck to you too.
  4. The double game wee deadline just passed and if you are planning to end the season in a good position, these double game weeks can be a big game changers as they allow people to gain massive points. People also play many chips during this game week. If you are familiar with fpl community there are people who triple captain Salah(🤞) or De Bruyne. This can bring massive changes to your game if you can hit the bullseye. Do share your team in this exciting and nail biting game week. I am expecting a 100 points game week. Good luck Overall Points - 1126 Overall Rank - 27,134 CN FPL
  5. Wolves Leeds West Ham Chelsea Leicester Spurs Liverpool Man City Arsenal West Ham Leicester Man City ManUnited Liverpool Aston Villa
  6. https://www.businessinsider.in/thelife/news/tesla-asked-to-recall-158000-model-s-and-model-x-vehicles-over-a-safety-defect-involving-failing-touchscreens/articleshow/80261048.cms
  7. The first thing in a persons mind when he/she thinks about electric is that its for the future. When they try to step into this future market of automobile, the three things they are desperate to compare is the cost, range and battery capacity. About a year ago a group of Nepalese also stepped their game into this future market with the Yatri motorcycle. Today the current largest electric bike distributor in the United States, SONDORS Electric Bikes released the SONDORS Metacycle. I looked at it and saw the same image of the Yatri ebike with a hole in its tank area. With the moto:
  8. The current candidate for the wealthiest person in the world last year hinted that his multi million automobile company will enter the Indian market in 2021. The automaker with a global cult following is said to have registered a company — Tesla Motors India and Energy Private Limited in Bengaluru. The speculations say that the famous model 3 is going to be launched in the market at an estimated price tag of ₹60.00 Lakhs*. The office in the IT hub region will aid in the company’s R&D requirements. Tesla has not issued any statement for any product launches in India at the moment.
  9. Cyber Nepal ko monthly leaderboard ko ta second ma pugisakyo bro. Tesko ma ni puginxha bistarai bistarai....
  10. Bruh! Alarm.Com. Antman(Marvel Studios) is gonna patent claim you, he did it first in the endgame.
  11. Stocks, shares and market fluctuation are normal for big companies like Tesla. Tesla’s stock rose by 4.7% , pushing Musk’s net worth up by $7.8 billion, to $183.8 billion. He is back at the top again.
  12. CEO of Tesla & SpaceX, Elon Musk who had become the richest Person in the world just a few days ago has once again fallen back to second position after his company lost $14 billion in a single day. He is now $6 billion behind Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, making Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world once again.
  13. Fixture Update ⚠️ ⚠️ The Gameweek 18 fixture between Aston Villa and Spurs has been postponed and will be replaced by Spurs vs Fulham in its place. @ avinash @Amul

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