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Found 17 results

  1. Sony, with its latest update, has fixed one of the biggest shortcomings of its playstation consoles. The update makes it easier for players to identify which PS version of a game are they playing by notifying users if they are playing a PS4 version of the game on the PS5. Image : @Tidux The update alerts users if the PS5 version of the game they are playing is available for download which was previously missing from the list of pros that the company amassed. The feature had been spotted by a twitter user '@Tidux' where they shared a screenshot of the new update. Since th
  2. Sony has pulled the much hyped and awaited release Cyberpunk from its playstation store after several users complained about bugs and glitches during the gameplay. Some reports also mention a resurgence of 'health concerns' after multiple delays in the launch because of the same reason. source : The Guardian The game has been suspended from the stores without a tentative return date as solutions are being evaluated. According to reports, the game is set to comeback in late January and the company is willing to refund customers who do not want to wait that long.
  3. Sony's next generation gaming hardware, the PlayStation 5 is just around the corner and more details are being revealed everyday about the console. Reviewers are already trying out the console and the embargos for the full review is apparently lifting on November 6th which is 6 days before its official launch. With the release date very close, Sony personnel's are being extra vocal about the console and are trying to invite more and more consumers into the Playstation environment. Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE) CEO Jim Ryan had a lot to say about the future of PS5 console in his interview
  4. I know it's been like 3 years but I ve never really had the chance to use the nintendo switch. No Nepali I know owns it. I havent even seen it being sold in stores. Many games seem like so much fun especially to play with friends. But I have never really seen it in Nepal.
  5. With four new iPhones hitting the masses soon, Microsoft has pushed an update in remote play for Xbox app on IOS that will let you cast your Xbox games onto your iPhone or iPad. Microsoft has clarified, however, that this is not Project xCloud - a service that lets you play games on Android phones from the cloud. This instead is a remote play function that lets you cast to your iPhone and iPad; which means one will still need to be in the vicinity in able to use remote play. The update was hinted a couple of weeks ago. It is finally here as several users posted screenshots of their
  6. Sony's road to the PS5 launch so far has been a mess. We can even call it a disaster marketing-wise as of yet. The pre-orders were mistimed due to the lack of communication between retailers and Sony and it was a nightmare for the people trying to pre-order the console. The consoles did sell-out in a matter of time but it was a unnecessary hassle for the customers. Their marketing campaign has also been lack-luster compared to that of Xbox. But there was one thing that Sony emphasized heavily on their first digital conference and in multiple interviews: What this meant "then" was that
  7. The next generation of Xbox consoles are due to launch on November 10 worldwide(might not be the case for Nepal as we don't have an official dealer or Microsoft Store). With the new generation fast approaching, Microsoft has started sending out fully working prototype of Series X to reviewers and media outlets. Yesterday, the embargo on backwards compatibility and quick resume lifted and we got see the Xbox Series X in action running the games of current generation. We didn't get to see the "next-gen" graphics as no one has got their hands on cross/next generation of games but the reviewers te
  8. Microsoft owned Xbox is a big brand. Its the most bought console on the North American market but everywhere else it is not even near to the popularity of PS4. Xbox sold near to 55 million this generation whereas PS4 sold more than 110 million copies. Popularity of Sony's console is not because it is more powerful console than Xbox(Xbox is way better as a machine) , it is all due to the sheer number of quality exclusives PS4 has. For the next generation Xbox will want to replicate similar success and they have got a few exclusives up their shelves. Keep in mind all these games will come on PC
  9. Microsoft's Xbox has never been a first choice for most of Asia and specially here in Nepal, where many of us grew up with Sony's PS2,PSP,PS3 and PS4. We had no idea that a console called Xbox 360 that launched in the PS2 era and stood toe to toe with Sony's PS3 as well. For international market, that is the point where Xbox became a mainstream and household name. But for many Asian countries including us, Xbox was never a choice because either there was no way we could get our hands on it or we did not even know about it. After the announcement of PS4 and Xbox One, that was when the whole wor
  10. We all saw the launch of the new Xbox and PS5 and how cheap they launched it. Both consoles have very competitive prices and boast of having capabilities of running 4k at 120fps. But modern 2020 games have been quite demanding. We all saw how flight simulator could barely run at 60 fps on 4k on the RTX 2080ti, the fastest consumer gpu till last month. Now i know the consoles will have new RDNA2 architecture, faster SSD and all those stuff. But can it run modern 2020 games like CRYSIS Remastered and Microsoft's Flight Simulator at 4K 120fps, nvm 8K. What do you think? Let me know
  11. As we all know, how the PS5 went out of stock even for preorder just after mins of launch. Since SONY rushed their release date and preorder date too counter XBOX. But since it seems it was a little too good to be true. There have been many reports claiming that even if you are the lucky few who got in fast enough get get their hands on one of the preorder ones, you are still not guaranteed to get one on the release date. Amazon which was one of the retailers who were responsible for PS5 preorders were not expecting to have such an overwhelming demand of supply. As such they aren't
  12. So the PS5 was available for pre-ordering on Walmart's online web store on thursday 6 PM Pacific Time. The PlayStation was out of stock the next minute!!! Many people who successfully added the console to the cart couldn't get to pre-order it either as the item appeared out of stock! Seriously? From their carts!? Anyways pray that it doesn't happen when the new Playstation arrives to Nepal.
  13. Firstly, let's get the elephant out of the room, prices of both PS5 all-digital and normal PS5 have been announced. The consoles will be available on November 12th for some select countries and others will have to wait until November 19th. The rumors and leaks were very much accurate. The $499 one is the ultimate PS5 Sony if offering on launch. For Nepal, we can't really be sure of the price but i did contact some dealers on Bishal Bazaar, Kathmandu who predict that the normal PS5 will likely cost over Nrs. 72,000 (shipping cost+dealer profit) whereas they predicted that
  14. Sony is gearing up for its PS5 launch and is doing another digital event Thursday at 1:45 AM NST to showcase more of their first party titles being developed for the PS5 . In Sony's own words: Senior Director at the Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that the showcase will be 40 minutes long and will consist of future first party Sony titles and the games we get to play at launch. Though Sony has not specifically confirmed that they will reveal release date and the pricing, we are sure to see that as this is surely their last digital showcase before launch. Gaming Indus
  15. y0bamaa

    PS5 Showcase Event

    Sony has announced a new Playstation 5 showcase event scheduled on Wednesday, September 16th at 1 pm pt / 4 pm et, i.e. Thursday, September 17th 1:45 am. This showcase event is said to focus on the new console's upcoming games rather than the console's hardware. It will last upto 40 minutes. We will get to know more about Sony's first party lineup; Ratchet & Clank, Spiderman: Miles Morales, and personally my favourite Horizon Forbidden West. Sony still hasn't revealed the release date or price of the PS5. Since, Microsoft has released their release date and price of the Xbox Se
  16. HITMAN. Guys if you are hitman series game lover then its free on epic game go and grab it. You can buy it for free ($24.99Free) now .. Keep the game in your list and play whenever you want.
  17. The specs of both Xbox series X & Xbox series S is there in the picture below. There is a price difference of $200 between them & my conclusion is basically if you don’t have a 4K TV monitor then it’s cheaper to buy the S and an external hard drive. It will be available from November 10

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