1. AceOfSpades

    Why Battle Royale Games shouldn't be classified as Esports

    Esports is referred to as a competitive platform for Video Games where professional players compete against each other in front of millions of spectators. It is conducted separately for different genres of video games (FPS, RTS, MOBA). Nowadays, we can find esports matches being conducted on...
  2. Alish Tuladhar

    Fortnite new mode, Tips and Trick for the mode n challenges

    Downtown Drop LTM Since the fortnite game is a battle royale game but this is not a battle royale game. First time fortnite made this kind of the LTM mode About the mode The downtown Drop LTM is perfect for player looking for a break from the battle royale genre. This game will have you...
  3. Alish Tuladhar

    About new mode “Wick Bounty” (John Wick)

    Fortnite X John wick John wick skin is out now. With some amazing challenges to earn free reward and a game mode called Wick’s Bounty ltm is live now. About wick’s Bounty ltm mode This ltm (Limited time mode) just came out yesterday. If u were a fortnite player you many have played...
  4. AsimN7

    [WTS] Selling COC account(cheapest)

    Hello Peeps I am selling my coc account for rs 399 Its TH10 nearly maxed LV 107 I can exchange for fortnite account or dota 2 sets at very low prices PLS message for any confusion
  5. Alish Tuladhar

    News Event gift by fortnite (Fortnite season 9)

    Season 9 Begin with wonderful gift #Fortnite How many of u get this amazing glider Name of glider: Arcana glider Given gift reason : Bug in the event and some of them cant watch it even they r in match. 2) Fully glitch in the system in event 3) Fps drop very badly 4) Ping strike upto 700+
  6. Alish Tuladhar

    About new location Neo Tilted (Fortnite season 9)

    Welcome To season 9 Before season 9 The Titled tower and retail tower was destroyed in the Event called un vaulting. The places was by the Volcano burst. And hit retail row, Polar peak And mainly in Titled tower. And two locations-was turn too ashes. And in Season which was Started yesterday...
  7. Alish Tuladhar

    News In game fortnite event

    Topic : Fortnite Want to watch the event Here u go click on that link to see the full event of yesterday. Lets say bye to tilted tower n retail row. Timing: Sunday 12:45 am ( In game live event ) R u going to watch it live?? Feeling happy 😃 or feeling sad 😞 Me feeling sad because retail row...
  8. ZaYdBlaze

    Basic building guide - Fortnite

    Fortnite’s building and editing of structures is what sets it apart from any other Battle Royale, and they’re as critical to learn and master as the game’s weapons and mechanics. Here is short guide to building in fortnite. Fortnite structures These are the structures you can build in fortnite...
  9. Sonu Gupta

    News Fortnite World Cup Duos Qualifiers

    Soon, these players are going to compete in finals for 30M $ tournament in New York. It's one of the highest pool price tourney in Esport. The reason of only few qualifiers from Asia is lack of players compared to other regions like Europe and NAE.
  10. itsReduxx

    Tips Is Buying Fortnite save the world in 2019 worth it ?

    I have been playing fortnite from season 3. And I am planning to buy Fortnite: Save the World (PVE mode). There was a timeline from Epic games to launch fortnite back in late 2018. But due to some issues they didn't release the PVE mode for free. Is it worth to buy the STW now ?
  11. Sandesh Poudel

    News Fortnite is getting another Avengers crossover this week

    The Avengers are coming back to Fortnite — though in what form, we don’t know just yet. Today, developer Epic teased a crossover event between the two pop culture giants, which will kick off on April 25th, a day before the conclusive Avengers: Endgame hits theaters. Right now, all we can glean...
  12. xWr3ck3dx

    PC Any fortnite STW players?

    Fortnite khelne koi hunuhuncha? Save The World not battle royale. I am a end game player Power Level 129, almost done with the game. Need friends to play the game.
  13. EZARUS

    News PUBG, Fortnite Now Banned in Iraq Over Negative Effects on The Health, Culture And Security

    The government of Iraq has voted to ban the popular battle royale games Fortnite and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds because of their detrimental influence on the population. After getting banned in several cities for the perticular time period the popular online game PUBG has been banned in...
  14. khukuri_marz

    fortnite fps drop ani buildings not loading

    ive got dell gaming laptop (i5, 8 gb ram, gtx 1050ti) but ahile achanak mero fps drop huna thaleko xa pahile 90 + dinthyo ahile 5-50 ma
  15. jungey


    These are the top three budget gaming cards in my opinion along with their pros and cons:- 1. GTX 1660 ti ($310 on Amazon) pros: great performance .capable of high setting gameplay on 1440p resolution. cons: a bit overpriced( nearly doesnt count as a budget graphics card) 2. AMD...
  16. D

    so any active fortnite players??

    If you play fortnite then please drop your username......................:love::love:
  17. A

    Fortnite tournament

    We need a fortnite tournament give it a priority to guyssss
  18. Dose

    News Fortnite Nepal Royale Championship

    Fortnite Nepal Royale Championship 1st Nepal Royale Championship will be held in starting month of August, 2019. We need sponsors and brand to make this event successful. Cyber Nepal is a very good brand, so we would like to be them to be a part of this event. This event will be mainly managed...
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