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Found 8 results

  1. PubG Mobile Club-Open wildcard region semifinals has just ended and our beloved veterans Team Hype have qualified for the Finals. The original veterans of the Nepali mobile eSports team took away 173 points in their 16 games throughout the semi-finals. They took 79 kills backing their qualification for the finals, but failed to get a Chicken Dinner. Led by the fan favorite GurkhaYT, team Hype's step towards the final have certainly given us hope as Nepali eSport fanatics as that opens up the possibility of another team joining the PubG mobile Pro League alongside Deadeye Guys and D
  2. Being a pc gamer myself, the one thing I was jealous about console gamers was their exclusivity in games. To be precise, playstation exclusives. I recently played Horizon Zero Dawn on pc, which was buggy for sure, but the game, the story underneath the bugfest was excellent. I reccomend all you pc gamers to witness that excellent story telling first hand. I haven't played death stranding on pc but I played an hour or more of it on my friend's ps4. And it was worth the while. So with the news that more of the song playstation exclusives are coming to pc. I think it's a great move by sony b
  3. In the recent cyberpunk livestream, "Night City Wire" the devs told that CP2077 will have shorter story because many people didn't the complete the whole story of Geralt's epic quest of finding Ciri. According to, How Long To Beat The Witcher 3 can be completed in 51 and half hour without doing side quests. The devs said the main story is just slightly shorter so I think it would take about 45 hours to complete the main story of CP2077 which is actually not bad. And surely since it's a RPG, Night Wire City would be lively as well filled with side quests and many stuffs. I would sure
  4. I think we all know that intel uses its integrated UHD / Iris / HD GPUs since ages ago. With the reveal of new GPU line up from Nvidia, as well the upcoming reveal of Big Navi from AMD. Intel has been working in the dark for it's own iGPU for its Tiger Lake (11th gen architecture) Processors. I saw a video about intel trying to compete in gpu market from linus tech tips months ago, maybe before a year. And I thought the idea just collapsed and intel had put its resources for CPU chips. But surprisingly, yesterday I saw Dave 2D's video titled "Intel sent their secret weapon" As ever
  5. y0bamaa

    PS5 Showcase Event

    Sony has announced a new Playstation 5 showcase event scheduled on Wednesday, September 16th at 1 pm pt / 4 pm et, i.e. Thursday, September 17th 1:45 am. This showcase event is said to focus on the new console's upcoming games rather than the console's hardware. It will last upto 40 minutes. We will get to know more about Sony's first party lineup; Ratchet & Clank, Spiderman: Miles Morales, and personally my favourite Horizon Forbidden West. Sony still hasn't revealed the release date or price of the PS5. Since, Microsoft has released their release date and price of the Xbox Se
  6. eSports and PMPL could be coming back for players! Stormy skies and Narnia's closet resembled by a ball of lightning launching you into the new era of PubG Mobile is a sight to behold! The long-awaited PubG mobile update is finally here, and we must tell you: Its indeed a new era! The update is about 1.7 GB for android users while it sits at approximately 2.2 GB in IOS. Users will also get in-game bonuses if they update the game between 8th to 13th September UTC+0. PubG Mobile has a completely new look and feels to it while maintaining the familiarity that we have with our beloved gam
  7. Micro transactions and heavy monetization of games has plagued this generation of games. While big companies like Rockstar has been able to milk a 7 year old game, GTA V, because of heavy micro transactions in their multiplayer, GTA online, CD Project RED is one of those few companies to refuse the tactic of micro transaction. Their post launch strategy is praised world wide, and Cyberpunk 2077 will be following the likes of The Witcher 3 for the post launch downloadable contents. One of the confirmed post launch content of Cyberpunk 2077 is it's multiplayer mode. While no details has be
  8. The IT Ministry of India has banned 118 apps Including PubG Mobile After banning 59 Chinese apps earlier, the IT Ministry of India banned 118 apps including PubG Mobile today. The apps were banned in light of the recent border tension between India and China. This Ban includes PubG lite as well. Other popular apps banned today included apps like Baidu, Ludo World, Arena of Valor, etc. This move has reportedly been fast-tracked by the recent reports of violence on the Indo-China border. Should we worry We don't have to. Although our internet traffic is routed through India, ou

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