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Hello CNers!

You might be thinking 🤔 about buying hosting for your domain name. Sometimes, you cannot find a better one or expensive for the renewal period. If you are facing such problems, then it is for you. Since I am using this one (hosting), it is working till now and I am providing you at affordable price.

I have bought hosting from Nepal hosting provider called Himalayan Host. Hosting package I bought is Business Lite-speed.
This package can host for 5 domain names but 4 domains are already packed and 1 space for a domain is left. So, I am offering to you if you are interested in it.

Specifications of Package Provided By Hosting Company :

  1. You can use unlimited space
  2. Bandwidth is unlimited
  3. Unlimited email accounts and databases
  4. Automatic backup
  5. Let's encrypt available
  6. Physical Memory Usage up to 768 MB
  7. I/O Usage up to 8 MB/s
  8. and more basics are available.
Price :

You might be wondering how much does it cost? I know you are thinking and scrolling for pricing. The total package costs me about Rs. 5000 that means, per domain name, Rs 1000.
But, for CNers, I am selling this space for Rs 800/yearly and I hope it is affordable also.

Limitation :

I will not provide any access to the cpanel. Since this is shared hosting for 5 domains, I cannot risk my other domain. If mistakes, something you do wrong then, it may affect all hosted files. Due to this reason, I will not be providing any access.

But hang on, I will provide you FTP accounts for your working folder. I will provide you whatever you want from cpanel at any time (except sleeping time ;)).

If anyone is interested then, do contact me here. I am always there to clear your thoughts.
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