Best Line up in Squad match (Cyber Hunter)


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Lately, I have been playing cyber hunter a new sci-fic battle royale game a lot and I think to win every game in higher league and to make the squad more effective the squad line up should be like this.


4 - Squad:

+ Frontline Brawler and Leader:
Make one of your friends as the team leader who is good at Assault. (Rifle and SMG)

++ Support Brawler:
Make one of your friends as the team as the support brawler who is good at both Assault and close combat. (Rifle/SMG and Shotgun)

+++ Medic and Walking Artillery :
This friend must be good at Heavy weapons like Railgun and Grenade Launcher. He or She's the most important key to win a battle. He or she will give shield or healing to everyone also bring devastation when needed. (Healing gun and H-Weapons)

++++ Marksman/Assassin:
He or she's another person to protect to survive from enemy snipers or ambush. This is must. He'll watch over terrains to and inform them to other members. When others will pinned down Marksmen will save them. (Sniper Rifle and any other weapons)

Plus+ It'll only work if all stays together.
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