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How to Earn CN$?

Engagement in the website earns you CN$.

Everything you do, every activity in Cyber Nepal website is rewarded.

Here’s a list of activities and the amount of CN$ you get for each of them:

  1. 5CN$ for posting on specific threads belonging to forums and categories. (Maximum 5 threads within 3 hour interval. Upto 25CN$ every 3 hours. A total of 200CN$ per day).
(Cybermancer’s are allowed to earn 10CN$ per thread in the restricted categories.)
  1. 1CN$ per post/comment. (Maximum 50 comments within 3 hours interval. Upto 50CN$ every 3 hours. A total of 400CN$ per day)

  2. 0.5CN$ for every reaction. (Maximum 25 reactions within 3 hours. Upto 160 reactions per day. A total of 100CN$ per day)

  3. 50CN$ for logging into your account on the site everyday.

  4. 100CN$ for uploading an avatar

  5. Winning trophies can also earn you CN$. Each title you earn has separate amount of CN$ assigned to them. In fact, just winning a trophy will reward you with extra 10CN$.

  6. Participating in custom matches/ competitions/ tournaments will also earn users a lot of CN$. Each event will have its own assigned CN$ value, one all the users will be notified of through posts.

  7. One can earn over 5000CN$ per week. ( A 50$ Giveaway ticket cost 5000CN$ and 10$ costs you 1000CN$ )
I have posted in many sections but I am not earning CN$. Why?

This is because some of our sections don't reward CN$.
For instance, Buy, Sell and Trade Section and CN Official Section.

Why am I not getting my Verification Email?

Check your spam section of your email. Sometimes, the verification email lands there.

Why is my post in the Trash Section? Why can’t people comment on my post there?

If your post is completely off-topic and not meaningful at the forums, it will be headed towards Trash. We only allow 5-6 comments in these posts.

What kinds of posts are considered spams?

Nonsensical threads

Duplicate threads

Plagiarized contents (copied from the other sources)

Meaningless comments and posts that are only there for the sake of earning CN$.

Self-advertisement (YouTube and Twitch links to personal channels)

Links leading to other online websites or channels with no context.

Subject unrelated posts.

How to Spend CN$?

  • Buy weekly/monthly giveaway tickets.

  • Buy competition/ tournament tickets.

  • Buy cool limited items listed in the loot shops. Some of them include gaming keyboards, mouse, headsets and SSD drives.

  • Buy a lot of other stuff that will be uploaded on the website in the future.
What are tickets?

Tickets are virtual evidences you can buy with CN$ in the website. Each ticket gives the users an entry into regular giveaways.

How to Get Achievements?

Engagement in the websites give you achievements.

Each achievement requires you to do something. Check the Achievements section to see which awards you can get for each accomplishment.

Is CN$ real money?

No, it isn’t. CN$ is our Cyber Nepal’s Point System. You can buy stuff from CN$ like tickets for giveaways. You can also use it to buy real gadgets from the Loot Shops. But, the pricing of the items are

high, and thus, require a lot of hard work from users to be earned.

Why are my CN$ and Achievements decreasing?

If your posts and achievements aren’t genuine or contain spam, they will be moved or erased. With this, the rewarded CN$ and achievements for the posts will also be withdrawn.

Who are Cyber Mancers?

People who post qualitative and genuine contents are Cyber Mancers. Anyone is capable of being in this position. Just make sure you contribute well and contribute enough.

How to claim giveaways?

Winners will also get a private message/email after they have won a giveaway. They need to follow the instructions in that message.

We also encourage you to join our discord for interactions with the staff and more information on various announcements.

Here is our link:


What if I miss the live streams? Where are all the winners posted?

Right under Announcements, we have the section Contest & Giveaways. Click there and you will see a Winners section.

This is where we announce all the winners of the giveaways. Claimed and unclaimed. Check for your name there.
I have 852$ but its not increasing. Hoping for the reply
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