Fantech HG13 Chief Review

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Is This The Best Budget Gaming Headphone?
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First of all let's go through It's Features -

  • This Headphone offers the over ear experience. The Design is really comfortable and the build quality seems durable.
  • It also offers 7.1 surround sound. The overall audio quality is really good.
  • As for the microphone, I can say that it is really good as well. The Microphone is decent for Gaming Voice Chat or other VC Services. The Microphone is adjustable and offers noise cancelling.
  • The Headphone offers a 3.5mm Audio and Microphone jack. It also has a usb cable which can be connected to light up your Headphone.

(Img Source : Here)

(Note : If you use a laptop you will require a Headphone splitter to connect the two jacks together.)

I got this headphone for Rs. 1800 in a local retail store located in Putalisadak. The price of this Headphone is relatively higher in online sites like Daraz and Hamro Bazaar.

After using this Headphone i can tell that it is one of the Best Gaming Headphone out there for this price point. As mentioned earlier the Build Quality and Sound is really good. I would
recommend this for anyone looking to buy a new gaming headphone at a cheap price.

Post your queries down below if you have any.
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