Fortnite new mode, Tips and Trick for the mode n challenges

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Downtown Drop LTM

Since the fortnite game is a battle royale game but this is not a battle royale game. First time fortnite made this kind of the LTM mode

About the mode

The downtown Drop LTM is perfect for player looking for a break from the battle royale genre. This game will have you pitted against other players, but in a race to who could collect the most coins.
The game can be won not by fighting or killing the oppenents. It is won just by collecting coins as mush as u can.
(Nepali : Yo game jitna lai coin, ball, Shoes matra collect garnu parcha, coin haru derai chain tara kosle derai coin collect garcha aawuta limitated time that person is called the winner)

What happend when we collect coin?
The coin is collected to win,Across the downown Drop map, Coins are spread out for you to collect. At the end of the trail, the player with the most coins win as told u in nepali above

Zip Through the Map
You won't be walking much in this LTM as special features are inserted to allow you to zip through the map and different obstacles. Prepare for a bit of a bumpy, but definitely fun ride!

Downtown Drop LTM Tips & Tricks

1) Become familar with the Track First
Dont expect to win immediately at your first match in the DowntownDrop. Instead, take this as an opportunity to figure out the map and decide which routes to take.
Nepali ma : Pahilai hero paltera please bagna nathala pahila ali sab thawuma gum ma ani kun thawuma underground cha ani coin kaha kaha cha, kun thawuma jump garnu parcha pahila. Yo thaha payo bhane chitai coins collect hunxa.

2) Constantly be on the Move
Staying still even for just a few seconds in this LTM puts you at a disadvantage as your opponents can go ahead and collect coins before you. Steeer clear of obstacles to keep on the move.
Game ma ali kati matra kai thokyo kita, stop bo bhane chito dawurina chodincha so many tip tei ho ali balance bhanayera hinnu parcha.


This time the fortnite is collaborating with NBA( Michael Jordan). The downtown LTM mode is also the part of this collabsation. There are many free reward by just completing the challenges.

As seen in image
The first challenge is just changing the color of 1000 tiles.
This is done just by working on the tiles plays every where. Opponent and our tiles color are totally different.

Second challenges is just dance or emote between two food trucks

Third challenge is just find Jonesy hidden behind a fence
Fourth challenge is just collect a basketball, coin, and shoe in a single match
(till now only 4 challenges are out)

I have found some challenges leaked in social media
remaining Challenges are
1. Find jonesy in the sewer
2. Search O-N-F-I-R-E letters
3. Go faster than 30 through both speed trap
4. Hit any of the trickj umps on either the crane, elevated train, or fence
5. Jump through all 6 flaming hoops
6. Find 2 hidden shortcuts(underground)
7. Dance at the basketball court
8. Spray an ice cream truck

The reward is we get free spray, backbling and many style for the backbling.
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