How To Use BTS(Buy/Trade/Sell) Forum


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How to use BTS Forum?
-> I can see a lot of user having trouble about how to use BTS forum. So Here I am giving some tips to be good buyer/seller.
What to do on BTS area?

It is an forum where you can post almost everything that you wanna sell. Since, this community is gaming and tech, anything related to it can be posted there to be sold/bought.
What not to do on BTS Forum?
☆ Spamming multiple threads about selling same thing is prohibited.
☆ Scamming is one of the thing that we shouldn't do.So be aware of scammers and let's make community scam free.
☆Lets not criticizes about other's prices like the money he puted to sell/trade his thing. Its his thing you have no right to Criticize On it but suggestion is welcomed if users want them and should given on Direct message.
Here are the few abbreviations about some trade related short form.
B.O-Best Offer
C.O-Current Offer
S.O-Starting Offer
LFM-Looking For More
WTS-Want To Sell
WTB-Want To Buy
WTT-Want To Trade
AT-Auction Time
(If it is Auction)

Hope It Helped And my suggestion box is open so i anyone want any suggestion or is willing to give me suggestion about My post feel free to Dm me And Follow me for guides like these :)
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