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Phase 1.
Where we are unknown about how our life is going to be. Living in a world carefree. Not being prepared for what is coming.

Phase 2.
Where we start to know things or two. Where parents make you realize you are growing to be a man. Where you slowly know what your responsibilities are. People with different views and concepts start to surround you. People forcing you to be who they want you to be. The times where you feel full of energetic energy, feeling like you can win the world. Feeling the power of friendship. Feeling the heartbroken because of Love. Trust, Friends once they were close. Young and burning fire.

Phase 3.
Place you reach to know you are the one who will be holding the next generation in your family. Age, where all the responsibilities fall upon you. The time where every friend you know slowly vanishes in thin air. Where your mind starts to dwell within you because of the surrounding you are at. Feeling like to run away from everyone and everything you have ever know. Dewling on past and regretting what you did and what you didn't do. Trying to prove other people what you can do and what you are capable of.

Phase 4.
Haven't reached there. On the way. Time catches us all. No one can escape their fate and destiny to be. Letting everything to pass by as the time moves on.

Nothing to do. Sharing only the information that we all know and have been through and have to be in one :)
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