News Post E3 news on Pokemon Sword and Shield [3/3]

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This post will cover the recent controversy regarding the exclusion of National Dex in the New Pokemon game, Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The National Dex is a Pokedex that contains all the pokemon ever designed or discovered. It has been included in every Pokemon game since Gen 2.

It all started during the Nintendo E3 tree-house conference. During this conference, they were showing off the gameplay of the game.
While showing the gameplay, the producer Junichi Masuda said that the players won't be able to transfer/import Pokemon that aren't included in the Galar Pokedex due to the cost of the animations of all the available pokemon.

This caused a huge uproar among the fans. People who have been transferring their favorite pokemon won't be able to use it on the new game, which is supposed to be the most graphically advance pokemon game of all time.

If your favorite pokemon isn't in the Galar Pokedex, you won't be able to use it in the new game.


We had just been introduced to the new Pokemon Storage Mechanic, Pokemon Home, a few weeks ago, where it was stated that you could store all your old pokemon from old games and transfer them to newly released games but this has proven useless since not all pokemon will be joining the quest in the Galar region.

Junichi Masuda also stated that this system will be implemented in all upcoming pokemon games.

After this, the people started making fun of the graphics and animations of the game. The game is said to have cut off a lot of Pokemon so the fans expected the game to be enhanced graphically but people found a lot of poorly used assets within the game and started posting them

Have a look at the beginning of this video to view the compiled memes of all the "high quality" animations we got to see

Since Pokemon Sword and Sheild won't be featuring any Mega Evolutions or Z-Moves, people expect better animations.
This is by far, the biggest controversy in the whole Pokemon franchise, the biggest franchise of the world.
Gamefreak and Pokemon need to listen to their players. Instead of replying to the controversy, they posted this instead.


This is the controversy that has taken place since the gameplay shown at E3, people are still arguing on this topic but Gamefreak has stated that they have no plans to include any pokemon that isn't in the Galar Pokedex.

I myself, think that this was a pretty bad decision by Gamefreak. Only further information on these game will tell us how many of the old pokemon will be included and how many will be left out.

I will cover up anything new that comes up regarding this situation.
Thank you for reading !!

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