Review on Procreate App (Drawing and Illustration app)


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I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. I have been using Procreate app on My IPad for some months now and this is my short review on the app.
Procreate is a powerful digital drawing, illustrating, sketching and painting app available only in the Apple App Store designed specifically for IPad. It can be used to create extremely detailed artwork. It has a ton of feature and a lot of functions to draw professionally. But it could also be used by beginners because of its intuitive features. With Procreate one can draw in every type of painting and draw medium available and millions of colors to choose from. Drawing in this app can be done with fingers or a Third-Party Rubber Stylus, but it is best used and recommended with an Apple Pencil. No other devices match the effectiveness of the Apple Pencil with Procreate as Apple Pencil is super responsive. The Apple Pencil enables pressure sensitivity for more efficient drawing and better control.

Talking about the function of the procreate app, it basically can do everything a good drawing, illustrating or coloring app does but with a lot of more additional features. The user interface is very good and simplistic. There is literally zero strokes lag while drawing and painting and coloring are easy. It also has the function of creating, editing and deleting layers like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Procreate fully supports photoshop files so PSD files could be imported, edited and shared easily.

Procreate app is not free to use and there are no free trial versions. But basically, it is a portable Photoshop App for iPad, so its cost does not feel so overwhelming. It is available for a onetime cost of $9.99. Also procreate is available for IPad only. It is not available in Android and most android alternative of Procreate app just sucks. However, procreate pocket is now available for iPhone for $4.99 and it is meant to have similar functionalities like Procreate. (I have not used and not in place to recommend it to anyone.)

Although it is one of the top apps available, it has some cons as well. The first being its compatibility issue. Procreate is not available in any other device except for Ipad. It is not available in any other tablets so people using android will not be able to experience it. The second being its price. We live in a country where we do not like to pay for digital goods as they cannot be directly consumed like other goods. And with no trial versions, people would not want to pay the price. But never the less with all those functions and feature that procreate app provides, $9.99 is not expensive at all. Also, Procreate app is intended to be used with Apple Pencil, so yeah, if you do not have an Apple Pencil with you, it may not give you an execellent result.

I use procreate mainly for illustrations and to draw comics. I am not a professional and I would consider myself as a novice only. Tracing photos to make digital artwork is very easy with the layer functions. Touch control, Shortcuts, and gestures work very well. I use Photoshop and Illustrator very frequently and this app literally feels like a mini photoshop app with only some features unavailable. I highly recommend it to everyone who are into digital drawing and those who have or can afford an IPad, Apple Pencil. Learning digital arts has never been this easy. It really is one of the best apps I have ever used.

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