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Ever heard of Scrap Pc building?
It is the way of building PC with old PC parts (But u still need to buy Cases,Power supply). But u can minimize the actual cost of your pc by using scraps to build it. With Scraps i didnt mean an actual old trash and a complete wreck. It means using the parts sold by user while they are upgrading their PC.

So what are its benefit?
- We can get good Pc with low budget.
- If u have a decent pc but u wanna add RAMs but dont have enough budget then i would recommend you to try it.
- It might take a time to search parts but overall it is good way to get pc minimizing the cost.

And the last information I am trying to build the Pc from scraps of which i will do giveaway in CyberNepal. So if u have usable scraps remaining from your old pc and want to donate it to me. Be sure to let me know :) I will make a decent PC and let active users take part in it 😀
Hope you enjoyed
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