Scrapyard Build for E-Sports Title (Low End)


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We gamer's have been facing with the new hardware prices stocked high and expensive Nepali market. The Nepali Computer market in Nepal has been very tough to the average consumers so I have done a few compromises with the current situation of market and focused to make a PC from Scrap parts. Yes, Second hand parts. The average Nepali are only interest in E-Sports title like DOTA 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, Rocket League etc. So this build can handle the E-Sports title well. This is only for the low budget user who just need PC to run those E-sports title.

For the Motherboard I have gone with the Esonic G41CDL2 Motherboard. This is an LGA775 motherboard with DDR3 support. It is an ITX motherboard meaning small motherboard better for small CPU case and minimal PC attention with less aesthetic.
This might looks sketchy but will do those work. You can buy this motherboard for 4.5 Thousand Rupees brand-new. Else there is some second hand deals ranging upto 1 Thousand to 3 Thousand. This board will not support the extreme series CPU from Intel but will house our normal Core 2 Quad CPU.

For the CPU I went with the Core 2 Quad Series Q9950 or the Q6600. At this point a quad core CPU is a must and this will edge a lot better than a dual core CPU. There are deals at where you can pick this up for 3 to 5 Thousand. The Quad Core CPU will edge more FPS and due to the 4 core beast it can run many E-Sports title at 70 to 50fps at medium 900p settings.

For the RAM i had to scratch my head a long while cause i could find 2x4gb sticks of DDR3 with 1066mhz or 1333mhz. I only could find a single stick of DDR3 1333mhz RAM on the second hand market. But you can get 2 4GB RAM from different seller with the same frequency. Buying RAM with different frequency is not advised. If you buy RAM with 2 different frequency the RAM frequency will run on the frequency of the lower RAM frequency. Like if you buy RAM with 1066mhz and 1333mhz the RAM will run on 1066mhz. Don't Buy A RAM CONFIG IN SINGLE CHANNEL.

You can get a used for refurbished HDD 500Gb for 2K. You wont need that much space for the games so 500GB will be fine.

So this part is many according to your liking. You can buy a GT 710 or GT 730 or GTX 650ti or GTX 650. It matter according to your budget and your suited use of it. The GPU not be huge thing cause this is a low end build. I would rather buy a GT 730 cause it is a low end build and i don't intented to do other work. The GPU is low powered meaning no extra power cable is needed for the GPU to run. It will be powered by the PCIe slot. GT 730 has 2 variant 2Gb and 4Gb.


Don't Buy it second hand unless it is in clean and perfect quality for this guid a 450w power supply is enough and sometimes can be called a little overpowered. So better buy a 450w PSU with good labeling on like efficiency, rated label etc.


I don't need to talk about this though. It's upto your choice.

Motherboard: Esonic G41CDL2 Cost: 4.8K

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Cost: 3.7K
RAM: 2x4GB DDR3 Cost: 5K
GPU: GT 730 4GB Cost: 4.5K
HDD: 500gb WD Blue Cost:2K
PSU: Antec Power Supply Unit Bp450s Ec Cost: 4.5K

Total Cost: 24.5K or 24 Thousand 500 Rupee.

Always Check The Product Before You Pay. Always.


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Oh and gt 730 will barely give like 80-100fps in CSGO at low settings. Is that even enough?
oc that card, usually a 20% boost
i recommend evga x 4.2.1
and about frame rate,60 fps is the limit, you wont mostly benefit from more,apart from reducing tearing
triple buffer vsync makes the games much playable
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