Selling In-app purchases for online games

Geniune guy?

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I have 320$ equivalent itunes balance in my account so i would like to sell in-app purchases for games like pubgm/freefire/fortnite/clashroyale/clash of clans/moba legends/vain glory etc
Game of your choice for cheap as possible
How process work?
The only way i can sell you in-app items/purchases is by meeting you personally and let you log in to fb on my mobile to log in to that game like pubgmobile etc then buy you UC and charge you the money
Yes this process is hectic and i recommend only ktm players to pm me if are interest
If there will be 5-10 people at once i can set a meeting and meet you all
My selling rate is 10$ =Rs 1100
Thats all
Interesred can private message me
Its cash on delivery so no scamming what so ever
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