What you need to know about Cloud Flare !!!


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I am here to describe actually what is Cloudflare and its overview in a short description. :)

What is Cloudflare?

Simply, Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest networks. It is like a mediator between visitors and the servers. There are about 180 data centers across the world in 76 different countries. It was established to build a better network.​
Mainly, Cloudflare is focused on three things :​
1. Performance :
- It helps to accelerate the internet applications you build. Due to its very large internet networks, the content of your applications reaches faster than normal server does. It makes your visitors engage more and reduce costs by buying other stuff for faster load time. Your mobile application's contents are also delivered faster without any constraints.​
- It also prevents the death of your applications. It helps to engage your users or visitors at very large numbers without any fluctuation of 404 error or 403 error or something else. It keeps your application alive even during unexpected traffic spikes or infrastructure outages.​
2. Security :
- It prevents attacks like DDoS attacks. It checks whether your visitors are generating unusual traffic or malicious traffic for your applications before accessing them.​
- It prevents attackers from data breaching like credit cards information, personal information. It also blocks the bots from accessing your applications.​
3. Reliability :
- Cloudflare is most popular and mostly used by developers, businessman or any profit or non-profit organizations. Their mission is to build a better network. So, the services they are providing are more reliable and trusts worthy. They ensure that there are lots of machines out running all the time to deliver your content on time.​
Overall Overview :

Due to its very large data centers, the content delivers are as much faster. Cloudflare powers nearly 10 percent of all Internet requests for more than 2.8 billion people worldwide. It delivers the content as per the user's location so that the information you are looking for is delivered as fast as possible.​
As you know, it provides security preventing malicious activity like DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and other nefarious intrusions. It has networked with 30 Tbps capacity that can defend against volumetric attacks 15x bigger than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded. It is more powerful and defends against threats by learning from attacks targeting 16,000,000 domains on its network.​
Additionally, it provides SSL to each and every domain on their network. They are running silently in the background without down of sites. You can also maintain the cache of the website on the basis of your time interval. It has also function to minify all your applications codes before delivering to users.​
If you are willing to use it, then you can visit it from here. You just need 5 minutes to set up this one for your applications. Some of the features are also listed for buying but all the basic essentials are provided for free. If you are normal users, then I think you can enjoy a free one.​
I hope, you enjoyed reading this thread. If you are waiting to know much more, don't forget to follow me. If you have any queries, then comment below. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Note: Some facts and terms are used from the official website of the Cloudflare. If you want to visit, click here.
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