Why Battle Royale Games shouldn't be classified as Esports


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Esports is referred to as a competitive platform for Video Games where professional players compete against each other in front of millions of spectators. It is conducted separately for different genres of video games (FPS, RTS, MOBA). Nowadays, we can find esports matches being conducted on Battle Royale Games like PUBG and Fortnite which i think shouldn't be considered an esports.

(Image : League of Legends World Championships)

The reasons that i think BR games shouldn't be considered an esports are as follows.


Unlike other Games, BR Games solely rely on the "Luck Factor". For example, In PUBG wherever you land you are not guaranteed a good weapon to fight with. You could be running with a pan the whole game while other players get the good stuff. Similarly, In Fortnite, you don't know in which direction the battle bus will go so, pre-planning is pretty much useless. You are also unaware of where the chests will be and what goods it contains. You might only get a pistol while the other players get lucky and get scar and other good utilities. This is all completely random. Furthermore, Battle Royale Games has 100 players dropping in different places of the match. There are so many teams on the map that you can't spectate all of them properly and see the major fights. It's all a complete jumble.

Now, Let's talk about other Video Games.
CS:GO - A game where all players are given similar weapons to work with. You work with the rest 4 players to carry out your respective objective by making strats, picking the right maps, weapons and utilities.
League Of Legends - A MOBA Game where everyone starts on equal terms and work their way to defeat the enemy team by team-play.

These are some reasons why I think Battle Royale Games shouldn't be considered and Esports.

Do you agree with this? or not? why and why not? Comment down below!


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I agree with you but it's all about the hype and it's popularity and as these games tend to be very popular among young ones and the old ones alike , i don't see them being taken away from the E-Sports world anytime Soon.
Great opinion tho.! (y)
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