Why is League of Legends So Popular?


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LoL is a MOBA game packed with Action and Strategic Combats. This Game is really popular among fellow Gamers.

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This Game was released in October 27 of 2009. Despite that it still has over 100 million monthly active players. This game also stands first in the most viewed game in Twitch.
So, How did it become so popular? Let's Discuss!

  • 100% Free To Play : This game has no pay to win factors. All players can access all the features provided by this Game without paying a single dime.
  • Comparatively Easy to get into : Other MOBAs like Dota2 and HON are relatively hard to learn than this game.
  • Low system requirements : League of Legends doesn't require a high end computer to run properly. It has a very low system requirements.
  • Hard to master thus, a game to invest thousands of hours in. (Rank gives players something to be proud of)
  • Good for both Casual and Hardcore Gamers.
  • Esports Scene : The Esports for this game is very well developed and millions of people attend it's event. Every LoL player aspire to become like pros who fight on that stage.
  • Varities of heroes to choose from and find your desired playstyle.
  • The Game is updated very frequently to keep the content exciting!

Do you agree with my list?
Comment the things that you like about this Game down below!
i think lol copyed of Dota in easy method , so people fells easy to play LOL than dota
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Most LoL players have a specialty. They only get to play a few heroes early on, so they master only a few. DoTA 2 allows us to play any hero among the hero pool. So people try a lot of new heroes and most don't have a specialty.


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