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Have you heard of Monster Hunter series?Have you ever wanted to play the new addition to the series Monster Hunter World then your wallet laughed? Don't worry because Dauntless got you covered.
Dauntless is an online action RPG developed by Phoenix Labs studio. The core or main purpose of player in this game is to hunt and slay giant ,intelligent creatures called Behemoths either solo or squad of four. The game provides you with plenty of gears each suited for special type of behemoths which are crafted by items drops by those behemoths.
The fighting mechanics of the game is pretty good too. The Behemoths are huge and powerful not as powerful as Dark Souls bosses so you don't need to worry about getting one shot killed. But mindless attacking might get you killed very fast. Proper knowledge about the bosses weakness and proper preparation is must. You must complete the battle before the given time 30 min but try to do it faster as boss tends to get faster and stronger as the clock ticks.
The graphics is also nice and minimalists certainly not realistic. And the game runs pretty well on low end systems too (mine specs: i5-7200u 2c4t ,nvidia geforce 940mx 2gb gddr5, 8gb ddr4).I was getting 50+ fps with occasional drop to about 35. Besides the game is free to play and doesn't seem to be pay to win. If you want to try the game it is available in epic games store. The only complain i have about this game is you have to wait for the game to find servers every time you want to go for a hunt even solo which was about 30 sec in my case.​
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