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Gmail Gets a new logo


On Tuesday oct 6 on Google workshop google announced that Gmail will be getting a new logo in coming future. Apparently it is done to make it look more similar to google logo itself, Google Photos, Google Maps, Chrome, and other Google products. Google considered to remove remove the M altogether and the red but people involved in the user research weren't happy. google realized  that the envelope part of the logo wasn't the critical portion of the logo leaving google room for experimenting more with the M. In the end the final product was the picture you see.

How do you feel about the new logo?

Personally i like the redesign that google has done. The new logo matched google aesthetic of logos. Its feels more inviting and feeling of similarity in the google product line.

More about Gmail
Google has been attempting to merge Gmail, chat and docs into a specific location in order to to compete with microsoft office.

(Edited): The new logo has not been released on devices as of today. This has just been announced and has not a specific release date. This might a month or two away.

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