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Cyber Nepal Hysterical Moments Mega Competition

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Cyber Nepal


Hysterical Moments Mega Competition



Games and memes go hand in hand to reach the peak of internet culture. We know most of you love to binge funny moments of your favorite games on YouTube - now it's your chance to get creative!


Wins can be funny enough, but we think your best fails bring forth the most laughs. You make others laugh, you win.

This is another contest, and folks, this time it's BIG - 8 games, and at least 1350 CN$ guaranteed!

Contest starts from Oct 17 and ends on Oct 31, 2020.


We'll host clashes of funny clips from the following games:

- CSGO: Ridiculous clutches, map glitches and surprise 5-man stacks - CSGO is not always funny but you'll find some moments of brevity, we're sure.

- DoTA: Now a chance to submit your own WTF moment. We even allow Techies and Pudge clips, for Aghanim's sake!

- PubG Mobile: Nade campers and go on loot sprees - this game is made for epic fails!

- Rocket League: Everyone is horrible at this game at the start, which makes for hours of FeelsBad and rage moments.

- Among Us: The new sensation sweeping through livestreams and friend circles! We're pretty excited for this one since you guys submitted some hilarious memes on our recent contest.

- Rainbow Six Siege: Mess up nade timings and you've got easy fails for Rainbow Six.

- Call of Duty: Wrong landings and vehicle hijinks, OE noobs should provide plenty of ammo for your funny clips.

- Valorant: One-ways and ninjas defuses - Valorant is recent, but that doesn't mean it can't be hilarious.

-Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: A 5v5 moba with varied cast of heroes, quick matchmaking and fast paced battles.


# How do I become eligible?

To ensure that only members of our community can duke it out, we need to verify a few things first. It's not complicated at all.

- You must be a CNer. What does this mean? You must make an account on our forums/website cybernepal.com and have a verified email address.
- You must have participated our CN initiate's quiz. (Click here)


# How do I participate?

To participate in one or more of the brackets for this mega competition, the first thing you'll need is funny clip(s) of games you play. These need to be short (<30s) and not a full compilation (rather a video each for each games).


Post a reply to this thread using a hastag to specify which game the clip belongs to, along with the clip.

For Example: #PUBG Mobile(attachment).

 Don't steal other's clips, we can sniff such cheaters out very easily!


Also, share your meme on social media, to get bonus CN$!


# What are the rewards?

Every game has its own contest, ie you can submit a total of 8 clips for a chance at the prize and the participation reward.

The winners get 1000/500/250 CN$ for the first/second/third prizes respectively, for each game. For participation, you'll get 100 CN$ when you fulfill all the criteria FOR EACH GAME. Share your clip on social media and verify that with a screenshot, and you earn a bonus 50 CN$ making a total of 150 CN$. Double check the eligibility section to make sure you qualify.

We'll select the winners by first filtering out the most upvoted clips, which our admin panel will then look at. They'll be the jury of which submissions made them laugh the most. So do post your clip, but also promote it so that you have a better shot at the prizes!

Hop on our livestreams and Discord servers if you want some inspiration for stomach-aching and forehead-slapping moments.

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15 minutes ago, I.m_Yabi said:

Vhanekai jasto ta hunu pardaina

Hoina jasto Pubg mobile ko:Go nade camper and loot vanne jastai ki jasto funny video banauda huncha

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18 minutes ago, Salim devjan said:

Hoina jasto Pubg mobile ko:Go nade camper and loot vanne jastai ki jasto funny video banauda huncha

Jasto Funny banauda ne hunxa 

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1 hour ago, Salim devjan said:

Tya vaneko jasto banauna parcha ho?

I think there's no limit to how you make it. Afno imagination anusar jasto khalko funny moment capture garera ni pathauda huncha

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