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QUALCOMM to make their own gaming smartphone

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According to DigiTimes, QUALCOMM the developer of Snapdragon is planning to make their series of Gaming Smartphone in partnership with ASUS. The very first Smartphone can be launched by the end of this year.

To develop these phones, Asus will be making Hardware components whereas QUALCOMM itself is responsible for Software parts. Asus is known as one of the best android gaming phones manufacturer as it produce ROG series. Now Asus will be competing with its own Flagship phones.


It is said that Asus ROG phone and QUALCOMM phone will share their Hardware parts like camera, display, memory, and other things which make these two phones look similar. If this will happen, Asus may have heavy loss on their ROG phone series.image.png.003326615081ed10781ccbd9922fac34.png

Very first QUALCOMM phone is expected to be launched at upcoming Snapdragon Tech summit while announcing this new partnership company on from December 1. This new phone is expected to come with Snapdragon 875. Snapdragon 875 which will be flagship processor from QUALCOMM is also going to be announced at that time.

There is expected to be launch of mid-range processor i.e. Snapdragon 775G which is based on 6nm architecture 5G mobile processor as well as a processor for windows 10 on arm.

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