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Apple's upcoming products

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We have seen two virtual events hosted by Apple in September and October. Apple introduced its Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, the new iPad Air, and an eighth-generation iPad in the September event. Similarly, we got to see the latest iPhone 12 lineups, MagSafe, and the new HomePod Mini in the October event. It is also rumored that Apple is planning for the November event where Apple will reveal its more products. Well, here is the list of upcoming rumored products and the products that Apple revealed itself in the event:

macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur was previewed in WWDC 2020 which the new update of the macOS. It is still in beta testing right now and is set to be released in late 2020. It is currently available to developers and will be a free update for all compatible Macs. macOS Big Sur is the macOS 11.0 which will be able to work on both Intel-based Macs and Apple's upcoming ARM-based Macs. With macOS Big Sur, Apple has introduced a modern look with refreshed docks having rounded corners and a translucent menu for better blending with the desktop. 


Image source: Apple

ARM-based Mac

In WWDC 2020, Apple announced its plan to transition away from Intel chips in MacBook with its own ARM-based. The company refers ARM-based chipsets as Apple Silicon. The reason behind switching to its own chipset is simple as its custom chipset is reported to provide higher performance with higher battery life. We have already seen the performance of the A-series chips used in the iPhone and iPad and Apple is ready to make its custom powerful chipsets for macs as well. To know more about the Apple Silicon Mac, click here.



AirTags are item-tracking devices that will track the lost item through an app. AirTags will work with the new Find My app. Users will receive a notification when they get away from the tagged items and also can set a safe location where they won't be notified if the item is in those places. If users can not find their lost item, they can place the attached tag to Lost Mode so that when other iPhone users come across the item, they can view the owner's contact and contact them. The leaked image of AirTags shows the small circular design with a metal back and the Apple logo in the center of the back. According to Jon Prosser, AirTags is delayed to March 2021.


Image source: Jon Prosser

AirPods Studio

It is rumored that Apple is working on a high-end over-the-ear headphones with superior audio quality and is named AirPods Studio. The design, of course, looks great and the headphone is wireless. The headphones will also feature the Active Noise Cancellation and transparency mode like the Airpods Pro. It is supposed to be powered by an H1 chipset and offer the Hey Siri feature. It is expected that there will be detachable ear cups and headband padding which allows users to switch these things based on their needs. There may be two models of the AirPods Studio-- a fitness-focused version with lighter materials (rubber and plastic) and a premium version with high-quality leather and metal materials.

Apple is rumored to launch the AirPods Studio in late 2020. According to Jon Prosser, the sports version of AirPods Studio may be priced at around $350 and the premium version at $599.

via: Jon Prosser

Apple TV 

Apple is currently working on a new model of Apple TV that will be powered by an updated chipset. There may be two variants of it-- one with A12Z and one with A14X chip. Similarly, there will a redesigned remote which is likely to have Find My feature so that the users can find the remote when it's lost (you know how the TV remote gets lost every time and you have to search the whole house). It is rumored that there will be 128GB storage on the expensive version which is expected to cost $199 and 64GB storage on the cheaper version which could cost $179. There is no news on the launch date but Apple may launch the Apple TV in early 2021. 



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2 hours ago, Umesh Nepal said:

Whatt.... apple launching their own tv?? Looks too futuristic 

I think you got it wrong. Apple isn't making a TV. Its working on the new model of Apple TV and Apple TV is just like a set top box which allows you to watch movies, listen song and you can also mirror your iPhone screen.

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2 hours ago, Beecase said:

I think you got it wrong. Apple isn't making a TV. Its working on the new model of Apple TV and Apple TV is just like a set top box which allows you to watch movies, listen song and you can also mirror your iPhone screen.

Oh i thought wrong.... And yes that was nice

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