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Who has played the B L O O D Y Roar series?


B L O O D Y Roar is a series of fighting games created by Hudson Soft, and developed together with Eighting. This game is very similar to tekken. In this game we have various characters who have their own special powers. In this game , the characters can transform to a specific beast. FOR EG:


this character can transform to a tiger when his beast bar is increased while in the fight. This is the picture of B L O O D Y Roar2.


I personally love this game because it was one of the first games that i have played. It can also be played with two players. Since this game is old, it does not support online matches but it can be quite entertaining when played with friends. This game's size is only 20mb. I hope you will try it and if anyone here has played this game before do mention your favourite character.



note: If i try to write the word B L O O DY with no space then it will be automatically changed to **** so i had to write it by giving space.

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4 minutes ago, Saugat Silwal said:

PC game or Mobile Game?

you can play it both on mobile and pc nowadays.

but back then it was available for ps2 and you could play in pc using emulators.

23 minutes ago, Salim devjan said:

I have  played ******* Roar 4.I love  when the character changes into animal.

which character is your favourite?

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55 minutes ago, cultured_weeb said:

i have also played this game.I  like bakuryu the most and i like how he says 'you are too weak to defeat me.' which character do you like the most?

i like stun and bakuryu.

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