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Google Chrome Final 2020 Update Promises Performance Boost : Google Blogs

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Popular internet browser Google Chrome has reportedly received its final update for 2020 which comprises of major performance boost. The update has focused on faster launch, faster loading, better resource management, as well as better battery backup. 

The official blog post by Matt Waddell, director of product for Google Chrome, claimed that this is perhaps the largest improvement in performance that Chrome has seen in years! 

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 1.52.21 PM.png

Image : Google

Looking at the changes

The major change comes in form of Google Chrome's tab priority. According to the announcement post, Chrome now prioritizes "active tabs" on the browser reducing the load on your CPU as opposed to when all the tabs were kept open and active. Waddell claimed that this reduces CPU load by about 5 times which provides a major boost in terms of battery consumption efficiency of the browsing software. 

This has been demonstrated in the blog by Google. They however, fail to mention the name of specifications of the devices that they ran the tests on. Additionally, whether these changes will adapt to usage patterns using some form of AI is not clear as well. That leaves us with the question : What criteria does Chrome us to identify 'active' tabs?

The changes on the surface

The changes demonstrated covers the following points:

  • 25% faster launch time
  • 7% faster page loading
  • Less power consumption
  • Less RAM usage
  • instant response on Android (apparently - no mention of low RAM devices)

Search Tab Feature

A search tab feature is added to Google Chrome which lets one search for tabs and locate the one that users are looking for. For instance, if you are like me and work with 25 tabs open, it can be difficult to navigate the one you want to be on. This addition makes it a lot easier now!

Additionally, the update also brings "chrome actions" support which makes accessibility of setting page much more convenient for users. If one types "delete history" on the address bar, chrome will give users to delete history options right there without the users having to navigate the options in settings.

The update will be rolled out gradually to users across the Globe and is set to arrive in the English versions of the software first. 


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