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Lookback from Ps1 - Ps5

Sony has brought us Playstation from 1 - 5  where they have advanced the Playstation . Mostly the looks . The looks of the Playstation are changed after released new .We can see different designs from PS1 - PS5. So lets see and talk about that.


PS1: PS1 is the beginning of the Playstation . Without the success of PS1 we would not have got to see the latest version of Playstation. PS1 was launched in Japan on December 3 ,1994. The original price of ps1 was $299. The best selling game on PS1 was Gran Turismo. PS1 is not seen now in our country because it's too old.





PS2: After the success of PS1 , Sony decided to launch PS2 in Japan on March 2000.  PS2 costed $299 when it got released first. The graphics, design and almost everything got improved .It could even play burned discs and CD.  The best PS2 sold game was GTA: San Andreas. PS2 can be seen in some old cybers of Nepal.






PS3:  After success of PS2, Sony launched PS3 . It was released on 2006 . It had a weak start though as it was overpriced with 600$ so people went to buy Xbox as it was 400$. The high Marked price lead down the PS3 and the company had loss as well so PS3 was a downfall. You could watch Youtube, Movies in PS3.  The best sold PS3 game is GTA V .  Still many people have PS3 and we can also see many people playing PS3 in cybers of Nepal. 






PS4: After the downfall of PS3 , Sony decided to launch PS4 with a mindset to make it successful and it did.  PS4 got launched on November 2013. The price of PS4 was marked at $399 and it added many new features like it had better graphic processor than PS3 make the quality of movies a lot better. The best sold PS4 game is Cyberpunk 2077. PS4 can be found and bought in Nepal . Many people in Nepal have bought PS4 .







PS5 : PS5 is the latest version or model of  PS which got launched on November ,2020 . The marked price of PS5 is $499.  The designs looks good  of the ps5 but people are recently facing some problems in PS5 which I think is going to be fixed after some updates. Currently the best sold ps5 game is Spiderman ; Miles Morales. Due to the pandemic I think it's gonna take some time to come into Nepal or seeing it being played in Nepal.






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4 hours ago, KillerLD said:

The best sold PS4 game is Cyberpunk 2077

Interesting. IIRC Uncharted 4 is the best selling PS4 exclusive game. Do we already have concrete CP2077 pre-orders info? But well, cyberpunk might as well break the record with all the hype and it being a cross gen title with free PS5 upgrade. 

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