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Cyberpunk 2077 developers are dissapointed

As the developers have announced that they are truly releasing cyberpunk 2077 on 10th december 2020 after the long wait. They are not happy cause they have also said that the game hasn't been completed yet but because of a lot of rise in tension between funds and investors for the game they have been forced to release the game on 10th december so worry not preorders you will actually be able to play the game ( even thought it is incomplete and you can actually play it today as well as the news says , it still worth your bucks ).  



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They will iron out the game-breaking bugs if there are any through reportedly two patches on launch:

Day-0 patch : 40+ gigs

Day-1 patch : 43 gigs

Base Xbox and PS patch : 27 gigs

Its a triple A RPG that came out being developed in the midst of a pandemic, it will have bugs. AC Valhalla, WD Legion and even Miles Morales a pure action adventure game shipped with some bugs. It did not stop these games from being fun though.

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