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RAZER Officially Coming to Nepal

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Razer is a very renowned hardware company among gamers, they have every accessories required for a gaming and the quality of these accessories are top notch.

It is also very renowned  among Nepali gamers but we all have been a victim of duplicate, second hand products even though there is no difference in price but fear not as from news and source leak official Razer products is getting launched in Nepal.

Nepal. Evolution Trading Pvt. Ltd. aka EvoStore, who is also the authorized reseller of Apple, JBL products and various distributor of various other gadgets and electronics brand in Nepal, will officially introduce Razer in Nepal by 2021. At first we might see some gaming Laptops like Razer Blade Stealth 13' and Razer Blade 15' later we might even see some entry level headphones, mice and keyboards (Huntsman Mini). All the products will be available in retail stores and can be ordered through online portal of EvoStore.


What are your thoughts on this step? Will the price be increased 3 folds than the original like they do on their apple products or will they focus on affordability?


And lastly What Razer products do you want to see in Nepal? Let us know in the comments!


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12 hours ago, Red_Devil_Geek said:

Razer products are already pricey, Evostore being the authorized seller means Razer products are still out of my league. 

Yes, I hope that they get some competition which will make them decrease their price and after International payment is enabled we will be able to order through Amazon but will it be cheap time will tell.

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