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Real ho ki fake Confirmation - Epic Games

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Epic has tons of cash and it is not a big deal to give away  free games which are indies. The games on this list are all AAAs which means it is leaning more towards fake.  Some of these are pretty big hitters which still give a lot of cash to the publishers, Fallout 4 , HZD, Borderlands 3 , Witcher 3 and AC Origins. 

Summing up, this is fake cause there is no way epic can bargain so many publishers to make their triple A titles free. 

I would happily eat my words though.😂

From reddit:


Way too many AAA game, don't expect it to happen especially when some guy on Facebook is saying it lol. They had this event last year too and these were the games they gave away, so tone down your expectations:

December 19 – Into the Breach

December 20 – Towerfall Ascension

December 21 – Superhot

December 22 – Little Inferno

December 23 – Ape Out

December 24 – Celeste

December 25 – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

December 26 – Faster Than Light

December 27 – Hyper Light Drifter

December 28 – Shadow Tactics

December 29 – The Talos Principle

December 30 – Hello Neighbor 

All indies really. 

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