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Weekly Giveaway Rules & Guidelines

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Every week we'll be giving out a lot of free stuff to our loyal members, the rewards, the cost of ticket, might change accordingly.

# How do you become eligible?

Unlike daily giveaways, weekly giveaways are more focused for our active members, you need to earn the required CN$ to participate on such giveaways, there are no additional steps required to be eligible on such giveaways, all you have to do is buy the tickets for these giveaways.

Each giveaways will have a specified amount of CN$ required and no of tickets allowed to purchase.

To be eligible for weekly giveaways..

- You must be an active member.

  • Minimum content count of 50
  • Minimum community Reputation of 25

- You must read and follow all our rules and guidelines. 

- You must have earned enough CN$ to buy weekly giveaway tickets.

- We do not like to disqualify winners so, those who don't fulfill the requirements are requested not to participate altogether. 


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