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As the technology is upgrading from generations to generations, printers are also changing its shape, size and usability. In the new market and trending gadgets, mini mobile printer is also one of them. Yes, you heard the right, Mini Mobile Printer - which is portable, effortless and pocket gadget

As you roam with different places, you might have capture memorable memories in your smart phones. Though they can be save in your memory like SD card, HDD, or any electronic storages including Cloud drives. But what if, you want to bring those memories instantly and share within your friends as gift ! This brings your memories to a life, right ? 

Below images are some examples of Portable Photo Printer :



Now you can have Portable Mini Photo Printer that can brings lots of possibilities into realities. Using this gadget, you can print any images from your smart phones - Android, IOS and your digital camera by connecting through Bluetooth, USB or even NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Beside this, image quality might be little changes but doesn't mean completely useless. This is for small scale purpose (personal) but not suggested for big studio as image size might not fit. And major part is, battery power to run this gadget. Since, this is portable in nature, you should have strong battery to print the images where ever you want. Some portable printer came up with battery or others might have compatible battery pack which can be bought separately. 

 Conclusively, this might be emerging gadget in future days and some improvements for its best usage. These can be bought from popular online stores like Amazon, HP store with price range from 70$ - 200$ (price might be changed as per time). Having such gadget will definitely make your memories into physical assets and can be gifted to your love one. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post and let us know for what purpose you are going to use if you have them or got them in comment section. Don't forget to like 👍 to cheer me to bring awesome gadgets updates and follow 🔔 me to get latest post by me


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I mean the technology isn't there yet. I haven't looked at this exact model but it is usually slow print (plus the time to dry up the picture or whatever). It isnt really cost effective. We still have photo printing services very common and near us so, printers like this serve a very limited purpose.

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On 9/3/2020 at 10:10 PM, Ramdai said:

printers like this serve a very limited purpose

Yes, absolutely. These kinds of printers are only for small scale and personal usages as mentioned in article. This might be just a model for small printers but technology will make it better in future days.

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