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What happens when you use TV as a monitor?

This is the question on everybody's mind and most of us might have tried using TV as a computer monitor to enjoy the large display. Larger display monitor costs expensive so why not buy a TV instead since you can use TV as a monitor as well? Well, TV has bigger pixels as compared to the computer monitor and hence, we have to sit in a distance in order to avoid eye strain. But, we use computer sitting very close to it so using a TV as a monitor will interfere a safe distance and also, it will be difficult for you to see everything on the screen. 

Similarly, TV has less refresh rate and more latency so playing games on TV is not possible cause TV won't provide you a smooth gameplay. Gaming monitors have high refresh rate which allow smoother video playback and hence used for gaming. You will also face the problem of input lag on the TV like having delay on typing or scrolling. 

It draws us to the conclusion that computers are meant to be worked with computer monitors and not a TV for best performance. However, you might have seen PC setups that includes a TV which is used for consoles. And this leads us to another question-- Why can TV be used for consoles gaming and not for the PC gaming? Here's a simple answer-- Input lag and the response time barely matter for console gaming. However, if you are a professional gamer, you might want to use a gaming monitor for console gaming as well because of the higher refresh rate, faster response time and less input lag.

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