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CN Meme The Moment 2.0 | 2021 PubG Edition | A Chance to Win 3000 CN$

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Greetings Everyone..

With the success of the 1st Edition back in September 2020, we are certainly geared up for this one. It has been a while that we have laughed our systems out. While 2021 looks promising, we do not particularly seek reasons to laugh like we did in 2020. Instead, we laugh because we want to. With that in mind, we are happy to present to you

CN Meme The Moment 2.0 | PubG Edition


The best part? You are rewarded even for participating.

This contest ends on March 22, 2021.

#How do I become eligible?

To be qualified to unleash your dankest memes, you need to check a few simple boxes. This is to ensure a fair giveaway. If you are a fan of CyberNepal, you probably fulfill most of them!

You must be a CNer. What does this mean? You must make an account on our forums/website cybernepal.com and have a verified email address.

You must have participated in our CN initiate's quiz.


#How do I participate?

Participation is quite simple. Post a meme relevant to 'PubG Mobile/PC' down on this thread. and...

It should be funny 😄 


  • You Must Share your Screenshot on the CyberNepal Facebook Group

It's that easy. Your meme has to be either an imagegif or very short video (<30s). Obviously, your meme has to be original, and we have Google Reverse Image Search to check, so don't even think about cheating.

You might also want to share your meme on social media, to gather more upvotes while tagging Cyber Nepal's handle on that social media so that other CNers can take a look at it. Use the hashtag #CNmemesPubG as well. This can increase the reach of your post massively, which will come in handy for your win.

The memes should be anything related to the PubG Mobile, eSports, Streamers, etc. It's supposed to poke fun at what you think of the game and the community of players involved in it. 


#How do I win the contest?

Best meme wins. Easy. But how is this chosen?

The winner will be decided by a balance of upvotes and Admin nods. We'll pick the meme that makes us go rofl, and that too, for quite a while 😄 

Hey, even if you don't win, it's still worthwhile to have participated.


#What do I get from the contest?

If you win, you get 1500/1000/500 CN$ for coming in first/second/third. Which is quite a lot.

But even for participation, you'll get 100 CN$ when you fulfill all of the criteria. Double check the eligibility section to make sure you qualify.

If you share your meme on social media, you are eligible for a bonus 50 CN$. For this, you need to tag us, and attach the link of your social media post with your submission.


#Format for submission:

My Meme :

Social Media Share link :

Read up on our CN$ guide to understand what the point system is, and what rewards you can get from it. If you're a gamer, you might wanna start furiously competing, to be the first to grab that Elgato Game Capture.

All the best!

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0:8  When CN announces Meme the Moment part 2 

0:15 It PUBG edition, has been very very long you took a break it. But still want to participate

0:24 But You don't know how to make MEME 

0:33 You don't know what to do. You Edit this great piece of Art. Cut some part. And Upload It to take part in The Event. 

0.38 You Request Admin and Moderator to accept it as a participation

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Had Accidently uploaded the wrong video. Uploaded the right one now.
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